Expect unparalleled customer service, consistency, and dedication when working with Beitler Logistics Services, Inc. (BLS). We maximize our truckload services and freight capacity to help you receive the best rate and truck for your shipment. 

  Why Choose Beitler Logistics for Truckload Services?

You will benefit from the Beitler Advantage when you work with us!
Some of our advantages include: 


Does your order have a last-minute change? Did your shipment increase (or decrease) in size? As a non-asset provider, we can quickly make changes to the shipment to accommodate your needs.

Logistic Experts 

We have decades of experience and superior service through BLS (and our affiliated company W.J. Beitler Company). We have experience in many different industries. From retail, trade shows/event logistics, fixture deliveries, and much more. 

Nationwide Service 

Currently, we provide transportation throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our trucks are in all major U.S. cities daily. 

Critical Shipments 

We understand time-sensitive shipments can happen quickly, and we have your back! Expedited services are available by truck or domestic air freight. Our 24-hour operations center will provide you with up-to-date tracking throughout the shipping process. Have peace of mind knowing your shipment will arrive at its destination on time.

Truckload Shipping Services

We have a vast network of carriers which allows us to ship your freight wherever it needs to go at a competitive rate.

Our truckload services include:

 Local shipments

 Regional shipments

 National shipments

 Over-the-Road (OTR) shipments

 Expedited shipments

 Same day trucking

 Direct trucking

 24/7 customer service

All Freight Distribution

Freight shipping is considerably more than transporting your packages from one location to another. All freight distribution is a process to ensure the shipment products are categorized, transported, and distributed effectively. The distribution process includes handling the inventorying, warehouse needs, supply chain, and logistics. 

The distribution process ensures the shipment:

 Arrives in good condition

 Has proper handling

 Is categorized based on the destination location

 Includes customer handling relations

Benefits of Full Truckload Services

Full truckload shipments cost will vary based on shipment size, weight, and destination. Shipping using a dedicated truck has many benefits.

High-Volume Based

When calculating the truckload price, the shipment space is more determined on the cost than the shipment weight. This calculation allows you to ship heavier packages more economically. Full truckloads have no size or weight restrictions.

Faster Delivery

The driver is fully committed to your shipment and the destination. There are minimal to no stops on route.

Streamlined Services

Full truckload shipments have fewer touchpoints resulting in fewer accidents or lost items. This freight option works well for perishable packages.

Equipment Available

We provide custom solutions for each customer. We will access the specific equipment needed for your request. Some of our equipment options include: Dry vans, Refrigerated trucks, Temperature controlled trucks , Flatbeds, Step-deck/drop deck trailers, Lift gate.

Let Us Assist You and Your Needs

As a third-party logistics service provider (3PL) and non-asset provider, we adapt quickly to various circumstances. We can adjust to changes to make sure your shipment arrives at its destination as planned.

Connect with us today and experience the Beitler Advantage!

  What We Can Do For You

With decades of experience as a superior logistics company, we offer these logistics services:

Pool Distribution

Take advantage of the cost-saving opportunities pool distribution offers.We will assist you in finding the best rate from our vast network of carriers.


Receive the best rate and truck that fit your shipment requirements. The BLS team maximizes our truckload services and freight capacity for your needs.

Specialized Delivery

Move your specialized freight/equipment safely, efficiently, and ensure on-time delivery with us. We have years of experience and access to specialized equipment.


Secure the best LTL rates for your shipment requirements from the BLS experts. They have the knowledge to find the best rates across our network of carriers.


Expand your logistics operations by letting us take care of all your warehousing details. Your shipments will have access to our 270,000+ square feet of warehouses.

Cross Dock

Reduce delivery times, increase product quality, and save money with cross dock. We will direct and oversee your tracking, compliance, and final shipment delivery.

Reverse Logistics

Streamline your reverse logistic needs with BLS. You will have complete shipment visibility throughout the returns process.

Final Mile Delivery

Have confidence knowing your shipment will arrive on-time and accurately with the BLS flexible, final mile delivery transportation services. 

  We Deliver on Promises

Integrity is a fundamental value within the BLS company. We strive to help you achieve all your transportation and logistics goals. When you’re part of the BLS community, your success is our success.

Experienced team

The BLS team members are dedicated and committed to their customer's goals. Each team member is certified and knowledgeable in their area of expertise.

Environmental Sustainability

Know you're lowering your carbon footprint by shipping with BLS. Our focus on logistics sustainability reduces emissions, waste products and consumer energy.


We network with several industry associations. We are confident the BLS team is educated and up to date on industry trends to best serve our customers.

Our history

BLS has decades of industry experience and knowledge through our team members and affiliated companies. We have a reputation for stepping up and helping our customers.

Nationwide Service

We have built a partnership and trust with our extensive network of partners. We're proud to provide transportation to virtually any market in the United States or Canada.