You might have heard of “less than truckload” or “LTL,” but do you know what LTL shipping means? This article will explain how LTL freight works, LTL benefits, how to determine if LTL is right for you, and insights from LTL experts. 

How Does LTL Freight Work?

When your freight load isn’t enough to fill a truckload, LTL freight shipping becomes a great cost-saving option. Shipping via LTL truck allows you to combine partial freight shipments to “share the load” with others. During an LTL shipment, various company loads are packed on one truck. Then that truck will make multiple stops along its route to deliver the freight.  

How is LTL cost determined? 

LTL rates are based on: 

  • Space used
  • Freight class
  • Pickup and destination locations (think trucking lanes) 
  • Special services needed 

What are trucking lanes?

The shipment’s pickup and destination locations help to determine the trucking lanes, which impacts freight cost. For example, a shipment traveling on a straight highway will be cheaper than a truck traveling through the mountains. 

What are LTL special services?

Special services can include:

  • Fragile freight 
  • Expedited delivery
  • Liftgate services
  • Inside pickup or delivery 
  • And more 

LTL special services might have extra fees, which will increase your shipping cost. 

5 Benefits of LTL

LTL is an excellent option if you have less than a full truckload of freight and there are more benefits associated with it. LTL benefits include the following. 

Cost Savings 

You only pay for the truck space you need, nothing more. 

Reduces Emissions 

LTL shipping will eliminate the need for extra trucks on the road, which helps the environment. 

Minimal Damage 

All freight is handled using a pallet, reducing the risk of wear and tear on your packages. 

Additional Services 

You can add specific services for specific stops. For instance, you can add liftgates, pallet jack deliveries, and more. 

Extra Support 

When you work with a third-party logistics service (3PL) provider, it simplifies your responsibilities. A 3PL will obtain the LTL quote, manage the freight transportation process, and provide you with up-to-date tracking and anything else you might need. 

Is LTL Right for Me?

If you’re not sure if LTL is your best shipment option, consider these two points with your shipment.

  • Your freight will not fill an entire truckload
  • Your shipment weighs between 150 pounds to 15,000 pounds 

Connect with the Beitler Logistics Services (BLS) team, and we can help you determine if LTL shipping is right for you. 

BLS Insights on LTL

Here is a deeper insight into LTL services from the BLS team. 

When You Need More than the “Standard” LTL Service 

When you start shipping using LTL, you might realize you have more needs than what the standard LTL service offers. That’s when BLS is the difference-maker. The BLS team will work with you to make sure your needs are met. 

An example of a specific need might be your shipment has to be picked up at a particular time, and it has specific requirements. A traditional LTL pickup might not be able to meet the appointment. That’s when the BLS team steps in to ensure the product is picked up on time and shipped to its final destination. 

The BLS Advantage 

When you work with BLS, you receive the best quality service every time. When deliveries have specific pickup times, we work with our route drivers to ensure the shipment quality. We bring your shipment back to our warehouse, inspect the pallets, and ensure the pallets are built correctly for the final destination journey.  

When you work with us, we make certain that your shipment meets the needed requirements and is protected and delivered on time and damage-free to the final destination.

Set Yourself Up for LTL Success 

Have confidence and peace of mind when you work with LTL experts. The BLS team has first-hand experience with origin & destination sets, freight classes, and weight break ratings. We will work with your shipment requirements to help you find the best LTL carrier at a competitive rate. 

Contact us today to see how we can set you up for shipping success!