Cross docking is when you ship your packages to a cross dock warehouse. Then they are sorted and reloaded onto other trucks and sent to the final destination. The importance of cross docking services is the ability to save you money and provide your customers with faster shipping times. 

Working with a third-party logistic (3PL) provider can help you find and implement cross dock solutions to fit your needs and budget. 

Importance of Cross Docking

Quickly shipping and delivering your customer’s packages can give you a competitive advantage over others, increase repeat customer orders, and still manage your shipping costs. 

What products can be used for cross docking services?

Numerous products can benefit from cross docking services, including: 

  • Automotive Industry Products
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  • Food and Beverage Industry Products
  • High-Value Products
  • Industrial Products
  • Medical Industry Products
  • Packaged Materials
  • Retail Industry Products

How Does Cross Docking Work?

The typical cross docking steps include:

  • Packages arrive at the cross docking facility
  • Sort and seg the packages
  • Reloaded onto the appropriate outbound truck 
  • Delivered to their destination 

5 Cost Saving Benefits of Cross Docking  

Cross docking services with a 3PL can save your business considerable time and money by:

  • Reducing delivery times
  • Increasing product quality
  • Ensure transportation compliance
  • Have a trusted 3PL oversee the tracking  

Benefit #1 – Inventory Efficiency 

The packages are quickly:

  • Unloaded from the truck
  • Sorted
  • Repacked (if necessary)
  • Either stored or back on the road to their destination 

There’s no storage or lag time, which reduces your overall cost. 

Benefit #2 – Reduce Transportation Costs 

Cross docking strategies increase transportation efficiency and save you money. A trusted 3PL, like Beitler, focuses on truck routing, which results in fewer miles and used fuel for your shipments.

Benefit #3 – Increase Your Competitive Edge with Cross Dock Warehouses

Using cross docking warehouses to store your inventory in geographical areas that are near the final delivery destination. You can provide your customers with faster delivery times and gain a competitive edge over others and save money by reducing extra shipping miles. 

Benefit #4 – Consolidation and Customer Satisfaction 

Experienced 3PL’s can consolidate incoming and outgoing shipments to reduce your overall costs. During the consolidation process, your packages are quickly inspected and held back if anything contains damage. This reduces the likelihood that your customers will receive damaged products, which increases their satisfaction rates and can result in repeat sales. 

Benefit #5 – Decrease Damage Costs 

During cross docking services, package handling is minimal since they move from an incoming truck to an outgoing truck (unless you utilize cross dock warehouses). Less package handling significantly reduces the inventory damage costs and saves you money. 

The Beitler Advantage for Your Cross Dock Services 

The Beitler Advantage is our integrity and commitment to our customers. Every Beitler Logistics Services team member is committed to high levels of professionalism, honor, and honesty. 

Contact us to learn how to provide you with competitive pricing, eliminate redundancies, and protect you from shipping liability.