Businesses are investing more money into transportation options to enhance the customer experience, and final mile delivery is part of those options. Final mile delivery is the movement of goods/packages/freight from a warehouse or transportation hub to its destination. 

Working with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider offers many benefits to cost savings, faster transportation, and route efficiency. There are additional benefits when you combine final delivery with other logistic services.  

What is Final Mile Delivery?

Final mile delivery or last-mile delivery is when a package arrives at its destination. Final mile delivery can include a variety of services:

  • Commercial business deliveries
  • Equipment setups and deliveries 
  • Personal residence deliveries
  • White glove deliveries 

The goal is to deliver the package(s) to the recipient as fast as possible.

Combining Final Mile Delivery with other Logistics Services 

3PL providers, like Beitler Logistics Services, offer final mile delivery (and other logistics) services. As a result, 3PL is an ideal option for companies looking to expand their transportation department without the added investment of updating their own. Instead of hiring additional employees and managing the tasks needed for increased packages, 3PL providers can do the work for you. 

Not only can 3PL’s provide final mile delivery services, but they can also handle:

  • Freight consolidation
  • Freight distribution
  • Product repackaging
  • Product returns management
  • Route and networking
  • Warehouse storage 

Technology & 3PL Final Mile Delivery

3PL providers have access to the latest technology to guarantee:

  • Accurate inventory management 
  • Routing efficiency 
  • Seamless delivery 
  • Tracking visibility 

Technology also allows 3PL providers to manage peak shipping times and find the most efficient routes, resulting in cost savings for you.  

Working with a 3PL for Final Mile Delivery 

If you’ve never worked with a 3PL final mile provider before, you’ll have access to:

  • Increased Staffing – as your sales volume increase, so will your 3PL team 
  • Spread Out Inventory – minimize truck miles and transportation time with 3PL regional warehouses 
  • Route Efficiency – access to optimize delivery routes for faster and more efficient shipping 

A Brief Overview of Working with a 3PL

3PL relationships can look different for every company depending on their logistics needs. Here is an example of a brief overview of working with a 3PL for warehouse storage and final mile delivery service. 

  1. You store products at a 3PL warehouse in a region with high order volume. 
  2. The 3PL is notified when packages need to be shipped.
  3. The 3PL handles the final transportation logistics
  4. The 3PL guarantees the delivery of the packages.
  5. You save money on shipping costs since the truck travels fewer miles. 
  6. You increase your warehouse storage space without building your own and hiring employees. 

How to Know if Working with a 3PL is Right for Me?

Consider the following three points when determining if working with a 3PL provider is right for you. 

  • Compare Cost and Value – in-house delivery vs. 3PL final mile delivery 
  • Align Strategic Goals – find a 3PL who will work to meet your company goals
  • Effective Communication – share your exact needs, wants, and expectations with the 3PL

BLS Final Mile Logistics Services 

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