Known by a few different names (final mile delivery or last mile logistics), many people ask, “What is last mile delivery?”. Last mile delivery is the “last leg” of the shipping process when it arrives at the customer’s destination. 

The last mile delivery goal is to transport the product as quickly as possible while keeping the shipper’s cost low. As last mile deliveries continue to grow, many companies consider outsourcing options to save them time, stress, and money. 

What Is Last Mile Delivery and Overcoming its Challenges? 

Last mile delivery is essential for the shipping process. Unfortunately, companies deal with several problems trying to manage the last mile delivery to their customers, including:  

  • Inaccurate package tracking information 
  • Higher shipping costs
  • Difficulty managing shipments  
  • Slow order fulfillment 
  • Longer delivery times

How to Overcome Last Mile Challenges?

Now that you have a better understanding of what is last mile delivery and some of its complicated nature, many businesses begin working with third-party logistics (3PL) providers to solve their last mile problems. Working with a 3PL may not be the right option for every company. However, they do provide immediate and quick solutions.

Find a trusted and reputable 3PL, they can become more of an extension of your transportation department and be a welcome addition to the company. 

How to Know if Last Mile Delivery Services are Right for You?

If you’re unsure if you should keep your last mile delivery services in-house or outsource to a 3PL, here are some questions to consider when evaluating an outsourcing option. 

#1 What are your strategic goals?

Understanding your company goals and where you want to go within the next 1, 3, 5, and 10 years will help you understand your needs. For instance, if you see your last mile deliveries increasing, then beginning the process to outsource now can save you valuable time in the future. 

#2 Do you want to make an upfront cost with long-term value?

In-house delivery is a lower upfront cost that could cost more money as time goes on. Why? Shipping problems or mistakes add up over time, and the bigger the error, the bigger the cost. A 3PL provider is an experienced shipper that knows how to avoid problems and mistakes. If one happens to occur, they can usually find a solution faster, avoiding additional costs.

#3 Do you want to manage deliveries? Or do you want to see results?

Managing in-house deliveries will require additional attention and guidance to oversee department goals, performance costs, and market adjustments. Whereas you can share your goals and objectives with a 3PL, and they will do the work to meet your expectations and provide you with updates on those results.

What to Expect from 3PL Services?

Depending on your last mile delivery needs, 3PL’s can provide several last mile delivery services to meet your needs. Then as the shipments and company grow you can combine those services with other logistic services all in one place.

Last Mile Services Available 

  • Equipment setups and deliveries
  • Fixtures deliveries 
  • Route optimization networks
  • Retail products deliveries
  • White glove deliveries

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