When choosing a less than truckload (LTL) trucking company, you want to ensure you’re selecting the best provider to transport your product. To make that decision, you’ll need to have a comprehensive understanding of what LTL trucking companies do and the best practices for this logistics method. You will learn more about choosing the best LTL trucking company for your freight needs below.

What’s an LTL Trucking Company?

LTL trucking companies are responsible for transporting freight that doesn’t need enough space to occupy the entirety of a freight truck. This type of trucking company combines multiple shipments into one truck. Each shipment on an LTL truck is arranged on pallets and can be as small as 150 pounds to as large as 10,000 pounds in size. LTL providers specialize in efficiently optimizing each load, making the most out of every truckload. This shipping method offers numerous benefits, which we’ll examine below. 

How do Third-Party Logistic (3PL) Companies Fit In?

Third-party logistics (3PL) companies connect their clients with LTL trucking companies to fill their shipping needs. A 3PL, such as Beitler Logistics Services (BLS), is an easy way to outsource your shipping needs to one company that takes care of everything on your behalf.  This full-service logistics company will do everything from packing, billing, carrying products, and maintaining and storing warehouse goods. BLS is proud to act as an all-in-one solution for our clients to take the stress out of logistics.

Advantages of Using an LTL Trucking Company

As mentioned above, there are many advantages to using a 3PL company that facilitates LTL  shipping for your goods or services.

Lower Costs 

Rather than shipping items separately, 3PL companies can offer their customers lower costs by coordinating LTL shipping. Since each LTL truck carries a range of shipments, each customer only has to pay for the space they’re using in the truck. This method drastically reduces cost, as a full truckload shipment would be much more expensive.

More Eco-Friendly

In addition to being a more economical option, LTL freight shipping is more eco-friendly. LTL trucking is a green-friendly option because it results in fewer trucks on the road. When trucks are full to their maximum capacity, it negates the need for only partially filled trucks to fill the streets. In turn, emission rates are lower, which is good for the environment. 

Valuable for Small Businesses

Small businesses will benefit from working with 3PL companies that coordinate LTL truck shipping services. Since smaller companies tend to be shipping less, they can take advantage of LTL freight options to spend less on shipping. However, using a 3PL shipping company ensures that they will still receive professional shipping services. LTL shipping offers additional cost savings by helping small businesses avoid paying for space they won’t utilize.

Safer for Products

LTL shipping utilizes pallets when loading goods and products onto a truck. Pallet handling protects these items from wear and tear, meaning they’re more likely to arrive at their final destination safe and sound.

3PL & LTL Trucking Company Best Practices

Top LTL carriers offer the highest of standards and best practices for their customers. So when you work with a trusted and reputable 3PL company, like BLS, they will make sure you only ship with the best LTL carriers. 

A Simplified Process

The best 3PL shipping companies will simplify the process for their customers. LTL shipping can be complex, but it doesn’t need to feel overwhelming. BLS provides customers with the most efficient and easy process possible when utilizing LTL shipping options. We provide LTL quotes, manage the transportation process from start to finish, and provide up-to-date tracking.

Understanding Requested Special Services 

3PL shipping providers should also always understand the customer’s unique needs for shipping their goods and products. Some examples of these needs would be a fragile shipment or the need for expedited delivery. Again, gathering all of this information upfront ensures speedy accommodation and faster shipping.

A Wealth of Shipment Options

Running the scope of shipment options for customers is another best practice in LTL shipping. Here at BLS, we offer a range of choices:

  • 26′ liftgate delivery
  • 53′ liftgate delivery
  • On-demand trucking
  • Business deliveries
  • Local delivery
  • Regional delivery
  • National delivery 
  • Palletized delivery
  • Pallet jack delivery

Let BLS Find the Best LTL Trucking Company for You

Allow the 3PL team here at BLS to assist you with all your LTL shipment needs. Our customer service team of experts takes the guesswork out of it. It has the necessary network to match you with the best LTL trucking company to fit your business’ needs. Find out how you can start taking advantage of this shipping method with BLS today!