Business-to-business (B2B) final mile delivery services play a crucial role in successfully shipping freight, supplies, or equipment to its destination. You’ll want to find a trustworthy and reputable third-party logistics (3PL) provider who can provide you with the final mile delivery solutions you need. This article will help you to determine if 3PL final mile delivery is suitable for your business, their delivery solutions, and how to find the best 3PL provider to partner with on your transportation needs.

How to Determine if 3PL Final Mile Delivery is Right for You?

If you’ve never worked with a 3PL for B2B shipments before, now is the time to evaluate the benefits a 3PL partnership can provide your business. 

Here are some questions to consider to determine if now is the time to find and form a 3PL provider relationship. 

  • How sustainable is your current final mile delivery system? – if less than one year now is the time to start searching for a 3PL.
  • Can your people and system continue to effectively manage the transportation logistics? – if there are problems starting to occur, it’s time.
  • Can you afford to devote the allotted time to delivery? – if not and you need to hire another person, a 3PL could be a better investment.
  • How current is your technology, and does it perform the way you need it? – if not, 3PL providers have access to the latest technology available. 
  • What is the current wait time on your delivery vs. the industry standard? – if it’s the same or longer, a 3PL provider might be able to improve your transit and delivery time.

3PL Final Mile Delivery Solutions 

If you know you need B2B final mile delivery services, but you’re still unsure if working with a 3PL provider is the best answer, here are three final mile solutions a 3PL can provide your business. 

#1 Increased Tracking Information 

Thanks to their access to the latest technology, you can confidently track your B2B packages and know when they’ll arrive at their destination. 

#2 More Controlled Overhead with Less Stress

A flexible 3PL provider, like Beitler Logistics Services (BLS), can adapt to your changing needs by increasing or decreasing your services without delay.

#3 Optimized Trucking Lanes with Improved Costs 

Non-asset 3PL providers, like BLS, are experts at optimizing the best trucking lanes for your freight to ensure fast, on-time delivery and usually at a lower cost. 

Tips to Find the Right 3PL for Your Business 

Now you know working with a 3PL provider for your B2B final mile services is the right choice for you. The next step is finding the 3PL provider that’ll meet your needs and become a trusted partner. 

10 Things to Look for When Researching 3PL Providers

  1. They have proven processes, an excess of resources, and demonstrated flexibility in place.
  2. They have like-minded values and cultures.
  3. Their success is based on your success.
  4. They offer many transportation and logistics services so you can grow and stay with the same company.
  5. They stay current on the latest technology with tracking, safety, management, etc.
  6. They can adapt to your changing and growing needs.
  7. They can show and prove they are experts at what they do.
  8. They can show a long history of proven success (long-term customers, facilities, equipment, HR department, etc.)
  9. They can help you evaluate and take advantage of other transportation or logistic services as your needs arise.
  10. They can provide references or testimonials of current and past customers.

BLS – Your Future 3PL Partner 

At BLS, an essential component of our company identity is our integrity and customer commitment through quality services and developing long-term relationships. Contact a BLS team member to learn why we could be the right transportation and logistics company for you.