Most companies know the value last mile services offer. What’s less well known is how profitable or expensive those services can be if you’re not working with the right provider. This article will explain the benefits of last mile delivery and why working with a reputable third-party logistics (3PL) company can ultimately lead you to more incredible successes. 

Make Sure to Avoid These Problems

Sustaining positive customer relationships is vital to any business’s success, especially since maintaining a current customer relationship is more beneficial than finding a new one. Consequently, if you receive calls from upset customers on missed shipments it can be difficult to maintain that positive connection. If a last mile delivery company makes a mistake, it can lead to much larger problems for you.

When you work with a trustworthy company, here are some problems you can avoid. 

  • Missed delivery schedules
  • Difficulties with route optimization
  • Incorrect deliveries
  • Lack of or no proof of delivery

Why Work with a 3PL?

Unlike last mile delivery companies, a 3PL provider can utilize third-party businesses to outsource parts of transportation, distribution, and warehousing services. Therefore, as your business expands, you can continue to work with the same company as your needs grow.

Beitler Logistics Services (BLS) is a superior 3PL provider with access to an extensive network of businesses. This network allows you to receive better pricing, transportation to virtually any market within the United States, and access to a team of experts with over 100 years of experience. They can offer several benefits of last mile delivery options. 

5 Immediate Benefits of Last Mile Delivery with BLS

Here are five last mile delivery benefits you’ll receive right away when you choose to work with BLS.

#1 Route Optimization 

Your delivery routes are optimized for the fastest, most valuable option available. This process involves more work than finding the shortest path between two points. At BLS, we consider several factors when selecting the best route.

  • Weather conditions
  • Traffic hours
  • Potential route disruptions
  • Number of stops along the route
  • Delivery windows

#2 Delivery Flexibility 

Order changes or last-minute demands can happen quickly. Thanks to our 24/7 operations centers, we are equipped to respond rapidly with a solution. We have access to expedited trucks for overnight or same-day shipments. 

#3 Streamline Processes & Procedures 

You’ll be part of our proven quality system, which ensures you receive the best service possible. Some of our steps include: 

  • Maintaining product integrity 
  • Ensuring proper handling, storage, and distribution 
  • Employing over 250 individual standard operating procedures
  • Adding facility enhancements
  • Developing a Standard Operating Procedure for each customer 

#4 Access to Distributed Inventory 

If there are geographical regions that receive certain products regularly, we can help you split freight across various fulfillment centers. This split allows you to strategically keep inventory closer to the customer for faster deliveries at a better price.

#5 Lower Overhead 

When you work with a non-asset provider, you can increase or lower your services as needed. This is especially helpful for high and low volume months, which reduces your monthly overhead to only pay for the services you need.

Taking the Next Step with BLS

Request a quote or contact us to learn how our team can provide you with competitive pricing, shipment liability, accurate deliveries, and more with our last mile delivery services.