Keeping your warehouses or stores stocked with the latest trends is essential in the fashion industry. In order to make sure you’re always providing the best to your customers, it’s imperative that you work with an apparel logistics company that understands your needs and your industry. Many third-party logistics (3PL) providers can offer the services you need, yet they lack the industry knowledge necessary to ensure success.

This article will educate you on what to expect with retail logistics freight services and what to look for when working with a first-rate apparel logistics company.

What You Should Know About Retail Logistics 

Retail logistics is essential to any retailer’s success. It involves transportation, storage, or logistics services within the fashion industry. Retail logistics focuses on quick, efficient shipping methods that accommodate last-minute changes to meet new deadlines or flash sales. It also includes storing freight in strategic locations to reduce transit times and costs. Learn more about The Strategy Behind Retail Logistics Solutions.

Top 5 Traits of an Apparel Logistics Company 

Adaptability, speed, and accuracy are some of the most fundamental traits needed for a successful 3PL company. As you begin to search for excellent retail freight services, here’s a list of the top five qualities of an apparel logistics company. 

#1 Proven Success in the Industry 

There are numerous 3PL providers available, but do they have first-hand experience with the retail apparel industry? For example, have they shipped time-sensitive merchandise to storage or retail locations? Do they have any references from customers in the retail sector? 

These are excellent questions to ask a prospective logistics company to ensure proven success in your industry. 

#2 Vast Range of Services

Even if you only need a few services now, it’s beneficial to work with a provider who offers a wide range of services. That way, as your company grows and expands, you can continue to work with the same company that has already shown success. Additionally, it will save you time and resources when searching for a new company. 

Here’s a list of services you might need to use now or at a later date.

  • Pool Distribution 
  • Truckload and LTL
  • Final Mile
  • Cross Docking 
  • Reverse Logistics 
  • Warehousing
  • Specialized Delivery 

#3 Customer Service 24/7

Urgent requests or delivery changes don’t always occur during business hours. You want to make sure you’ll have access to a real person for you to call and discuss your needs. 

#4 Available Service Areas 

When reviewing the 3PL provider’s service areas, keep your current and future shipments in mind. If you have the potential to ship an order to a new location, but your provider doesn’t service that area, that would be problematic.  

#5 Company Reputation 

What kind of reputation does the company have among current and past customers? Look for a company with team members described as honest, reliable, trustworthy, and quick. All the qualities you would expect from your team. 

BLS, a Superior Apparel Logistics Company

At Beitler Logistics Services, Inc. (BLS), we are retail experts in transportation and logistics. Our team works with retailers on pool distribution and pool consolidation, retail store setups, white glove services, and more. As a non-asset provider, we’re able to accommodate urgent requests to help you meet deadlines. Additionally, we provide nationwide service!

Let’s Get Started

At BLS, we equip our team to service every one of our customers with superior logistics! Contact us to learn how we can become an extension of your operations to meet your freight goals.