Every year the retail industry progresses forward to meet the changing needs of its consumers. However, one element doesn’t change – increasing profit margins. There are many fluctuating pieces from manufacturing, packaging, storage, and delivery that all impact your overall profit, so finding a way to reduce costs will make a significant impact on your bottom line. 

That’s when a third-party logistics (3PL) provider can make a notable difference. They can help with your transportation, warehousing, and logistics circumstances. Retail freight services offer transportation flexibility, quick turnarounds, and reliable services that give you a competitive edge while determining your profit margins.

Out of Stock Inventory for Retailers 

Since e-commerce entered the retail market, consumers no longer want to “wait” for their product. If a retail store is out of stock, they will turn to online options, sometimes purchasing from competitors.

According to a Supply Chain Dive article, “43% of retail associates surveyed cited customer complaints about out-of-stocks as their biggest point of frustration, while 39% of consumers left a store without purchasing due to the issue.” 

That’s a significant drop in revenue if you compound that loss over multiple years. Maintaining a suitable amount of inventory and replenishing those items once they sell will help your profit margins considerably. Finding and working with a superior logistics provider can help you overcome some of these challenges.  

3 Ways a 3PL Provider Can Increase Your Profit Margins 

Retail freight services can streamline your supply chain by optimizing your inventory, leading to an increased bottom line. Beitler Logistics Services (BLS) is a 3PL provider with decades of experience who work with retailers for their transportation and logistics needs daily. 

Here are three ways our team uses our network of partners to your benefit. 

#1 Route and Load Optimization

Whether you’re shipping using a full truck, LTL, or van, we can optimize our trucking lanes to find the most effective rate and quickest route available for you.

#2 Ability to Scale Nationwide

Our networks span across the country by visiting the 50 states monthly and all major cities daily. This includes our transportation services and our warehousing storage options, so even if you don’t need nationwide service yet, we’ll be here when you’re ready.

#3 Flexible Capacity 

Working with a non-asset provider, like BLS, gives you flexibility while maintaining logistic accuracy. We understand that shipment sizes change, or time-sensitive freight happens quickly. We can meet your different needs with accuracy and speed, and you’ll always have access to our 24-hour operations center for up-to-date tracking.

Retail Freight Services Available 

Every provider offers various logistics options for retailers. These retail freight services can help improve your transportation, warehousing, and logistics circumstances.

  • Cross Docking – Have us direct and oversee your tracking, compliance, and final shipment deliveries. 
  • Final Mile Delivery – Allow us to ship and manage your last mile deliveries to your retail stores and warehousing locations. 
  • LTL – We’ll make sure you only pay for what you need when shipping your merchandise.
  • Pool Distribution – Combine pool distribution and pool consolidation for an efficient delivery system. We’ll coordinate all the details with your shipping department. 
  • Reverse Logistics – We will take responsibility for inspecting, repackaging, or disposing of product returns.
  • Specialized Deliveries – Do you have high-touch, on-site services, special handling, or need specialized equipment and visibility? We got you covered. 
  • Truckload – We maximize our truckload and freight capacity and provide all freight distribution services. 
  • Warehousing – Increase your storage capacity without the upfront investment! 

BLS a Provider of Superior Retail Freight Services  

Learn more about our team and how BLS can be your reliable and dedicated 3PL partner. Contact us to learn more about our retail freight services.