Providing your customers with the latest trends, clothing, and accessories is essential to ensure your success. Whether you have an online store, a physical shop, or both, finding the right warehousing options is necessary if you’re going to stay competitive in the industry. Learn about the best solutions for warehousing in fashion retail and how working with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider can make all the difference.

Fashion Logistics Warehouse Benefits 

Do you have a warehouse but need additional space? Is your business rapidly growing, and now you need to store extra inventory? Knowing what benefits you can expect will help you make a well-informed, educated choice when selecting a company.

Here are some benefits you can expect with fashion logistics warehousing. 

  • Reduced Operating Costs: Save money and time without investing in technology, staff, and additional resources when outsourcing your storage. 
  • Market Expansion: Strategically store products closer to customers or store locations.
  • Scalability & Flexibility: Adjust storage capacity to meet current demands.
  • Access to Logistics Experts: Work with a team of professionals to help anticipate future needs. 
  • Optimized Transportation: Ship items faster to customers or store location. 

5 Features to Consider for Warehousing in Fashion Retail 

After learning how your retail business can benefit from warehousing, the next step is navigating the many options to find the right solution for you. Here are five main features to look for when searching for storage options. 

#1 Warehouse Services  

If you need warehousing in multiple locations or have specific needs for storing merchandise, make sure the following services are available. Keep in mind potential needs too, just because you don’t need a particular service right now, you might need it in the future. 

  • Temperature and humidity controlled spaces
  • Palletized storage
  • Truckload sorting
  • Warehouse and distribution services
  • Sort and seg
  • Pick and pack
  • Inventory management
  • Cross docking
  • Reverse logistics 

#2 Flexibility  

Ask potential warehouse providers the following questions to learn if their services can grow with the business and how they can provide you with the flexibility you need.

  • Can I increase my storage capacity during busier times of the year?
  • Can I decrease my storage capacity during slower times of the year?
  • If I need a fast turnaround for shipping, how quickly can you make the necessary changes?
  • Do you have warehousing in other geographical locations?
  • Is anyone available outside of regular business hours if I have an urgent request?

#3 Accuracy 

Ask the prospective company to explain what processes or systems they have to ensure proper storage, fulfillment, and shipping of your products. Make sure they can prove how they can successfully care for your merchandise.

#4 Transportation Services 

Working with an all-in-one provider who can store and ship your items will give you an advantage over others. Learn more about their transportation services, where they can ship freight and their turnaround time for urgent requests. 

#5 Experience 

Find out their experience working with the retail industry or the type of products you sell. Ask for referrals or testimonials from current customers. You’ll want to work with a company with a proven track record of helping their customers and have a good reputation. 

3PL and Fashion Logistics 

Working with a 3PL company, like Beitler Logistics Services (BLS), offers more growth opportunities. At BLS, we work with an expansive network of providers from transportation to warehousing. Our network allows us to give you access to transportation and logistics services across the country. We can provide you with opportunities to receive volume discounts, meet urgent requests, and find the most cost-effective option available. We can start as your warehousing partner. Then, as you grow, we can become an extension of your transportation and logistics departments! 

Learn More About BLS’s Warehousing Services for Fashion Retail

We use the latest technology to efficiently and accurately house, ship, and fulfill your products. Contact a BLS team member to learn more about our warehousing services for the fashion retail industry.