Health and beauty products can be tedious to store, handle, and transport. Therefore, health and beauty warehousing must provide specialized services. Beitler Logistics Services (BLS) provides an array of options tailored specifically to health and beauty product needs.

BLS’s services for health and beauty warehousing includes:

  • Specialized storage
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Sort and seg
  • Scalability

Vital Services in Health and Beauty Warehousing

When you invest in health and beauty warehousing, it is crucial to find warehousing options that will serve health and beauty product specifications well. As an industry that carries numerous small products that can easily leak and break, it is vital to have a logistics company that will ship and deliver your products with extreme care.

Scalability: A Fluctuating Trend

In an industry where decisions are based on the rapidly changing nature of what is currently “in vogue,” your company requires the ability to scale warehousing from one season to the next. Additionally, since this industry is heavily promoted via social media, product demand can increase overnight, making additional warehouse space vital. Therefore, a crucial part of health and beauty warehousing is creating the flexibility to move with its ever-changing market demands.

Sort and Seg: A Wide Array of Products

The health and beauty industry has an extensive amount of products for sale. For example, a makeup company will sell several types of makeup and, further, multiple variations and colors of one type of makeup. Therefore, finding a warehouse solution that provides sort and seg options is vital in your health and beauty company’s success. 

Health and Beauty Warehouse Services from BLS

BLS provides numerous warehousing options to help your health and beauty company succeed. BLS is ready to help your company grow by utilizing its specialized storage and scalability options. 

Storage Accommodations 

BLS provides storage accommodations for health and beauty products that require specific arrangements like aerosol and alcohol-based products. With our 270,000+ square feet of warehouse space, we can provide your company with the specifications your products need, such as temperature and humidity control.  


Scalability provides your company the option of increasing or decreasing warehouse space during seasons of increased or decreased sales. In the health and beauty industry, products come and go with the seasons, and so will your inventory. BLS will provide you with a warehouse ready to accommodate your immediate needs. 

Sort and Seg

As an industry with numerous small products being shipped at once, sort and seg is a critical process to ensure the arrival of all items. This process is done by counting and tracking all products shipped and received. 

Experienced and Skilled Team Members

With a team that is committed to the highest levels of professionalism, honor, and honesty, we guarantee you’ll receive superior logistics. We align our processes and procedures to meet your initiatives. Prioritizing open communication, we will be working with you every step of the way. 

Invest in Health and Beauty Warehousing

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