Cross docking in retail will benefit your company in numerous, cost-saving ways. When you invest in cross docking services, you will lower warehouse labor costs by reducing time spent on warehousing tasks, ensure faster delivery, and require less storage.

Reduced Costs

When you invest in cross docking services with a 3PL, you will lower overall expenses in many areas of your company by consolidating truckloads, storing less, and reducing labor. Thanks to its effective nature, cross docking moves products onto outbound trucks immediately upon arrival. 

Cross docking cuts investments in these three main areas:

  • Warehouse labor costs: Cross docking reduces time spent on additional warehousing tasks. 
  • Storage costs: Cross docking eliminates most storage needs because your products will be moved from inbound trucks to outbound trucks immediately upon arrival. 
  • Transportation costs: Cross docking ensures that trucks are full so that you aren’t paying for empty space. 

Faster Delivery 

Cross docking facilities quickly sort inbound packages in the docking terminal onto outgoing trucks, speeding up the distribution cycle. This system is an effective supply chain strategy that requires extreme coordination and organization of inbound and outbound shipments with multiple vendors. As a result, when you work with Beitler Logistics Services (BLS), we can ensure the most systematic and efficient cross docking services thanks to our specialized approach, giving your business a competitive edge. By ensuring immediacy in shipping and entirely full trucks, you will save time and money with BLS strategies. 

Increased Efficiency 

With fewer shipments to keep track of and increased timeliness, your company’s efficiency will increase as you begin investing in cross docking for retail products. Cross docking will save you time and money by eliminating warehousing responsibilities and utilizing the entirety of every truck’s space.

The BLS Advantage 

BLS’ cross docking system will effectively organize your products and prepare them for immediate distribution. In addition, we consolidate incoming and outgoing shipments to reduce costs and dedicate a solid focus to truck routes, reducing miles and fuel for each shipment, saving you more money. 

How to Know if Cross Docking in Retail is for You

If your products match any of the below categories, cross docking will be an ideal solution. 

  • Pre-tagged/ready for sale products 
  • Products that have a stable demand 
  • Time-sensitive products 
  • Flash sales (Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Holiday Specials, etc.) 

Here’s How BLS Cross Docking in Retail will Benefit Your Company

With numerous different cross docking solutions, BLS is ready to serve your company’s cross docking needs with these services:

  •  Trailer load reworking
  •  Specialized warehouse 
  •  Warehousing 
  •  Direct-to-consumer fulfillment
  •  Sort and seg  

Additionally, we have specific cross docking warehouses all across the US where you can store your packages until they’re ready to ship. 

Our Decades of Experience is Your Advantage 

BLS has decades of experience in cross docking for retail industry products. Our distribution centers span the U.S., providing our clients with nationwide shipping. When beginning a relationship with BLS, we will aid in your success, stimulate business growth, and provide knowledgeable consulting for you. 

Are You Ready to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge?

Explore our cross docking options and get in contact with us today to obtain the competitive edge you desire for your company.