Perfection, precision, and immediacy are three words that we associate with beauty product logistics. Handling the logistics for health, beauty, and cosmetic products requires attention to small details, moving at the speed of the beauty industry, and making sure all the packages are handled with care.

It’s every detail. From the moment we receive the product (either by pallets or loose cartons) our team ensures scheduled, on-time delivery. At Beitler Logistics Services (BLS), we are committed to enhancing the beauty product industry by delivering exceptional third-party logistics (3PL) services. 

BLS Beauty Product Logistic Services 

  • Pool distribution
  • Truckload 
  • Specialized transportation 
  • LTL 
  • Warehousing 
  • Cross dock 
  • Reverse logistics
  • Final mile delivery 

Attention to Detail

As an image-driven industry, perfect packaging is necessary, and spills and breakages must be avoided. This means you need to find a 3PL that will ensure quality work. At BLS, we take every detail seriously. 

Many beauty products require special treatment, such as temperature-controlled cosmetic products or break-proof packaging. With our specialized warehousing services, we can ensure that your products will be kept in ideal conditions. Meanwhile, our transportation process will ensure that your products will arrive in the best condition for the retail shelves. 

Some specialized equipment we offer includes dry vans, pad-wrapping and strapping, and temperature-controlled trucks. Further, our final mile delivery services will put the bow on the package, ensuring that even the last detail is completed. The final delivery services we offer include appointment deliveries and optimized and routed networks.  

Precise and Accurate

We strive to get every order right. Stemming from our goal of making sure every product arrives in high-quality condition, our warehouse management system will ensure that your beauty products arrive on time at the correct location. Additionally, we offer tracking for truckload services so you can see where your packages are when they are in transportation. 

Your items will be ordered systematically within the warehouses, making them quick and easy to find when needed, thanks to our up-to-date technology.

A Quick Paced Industry

Knowing the beauty industry often shifts from one trend to the next, we heavily prioritize immediacy. We provide on-time deliveries with optimized delivery routes to ensure that your products travel on the fastest route possible.  

Our advanced technology enables us to operate in the most efficient manner possible. We effectively streamline our distribution services, housing, shipping, and fulfilling products. Then thanks to our 24-hours operations center, we are prepared to move your products when necessary. We provide cross docking services that enable you to store your products until ready to ship, giving your business a competitive edge over other retailers. 

Enhance Your Beauty Product Logistics with BLS

We are prepared to help your company grow by enhancing your beauty product logistics and helping your company gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

Request a quote today, and begin the process of implementing perfection, precision, and immediacy in your logistics.