Choosing a third-party logistic (3PL) provider is an important decision. When searching specifically for a beauty 3PL provider, it’s essential to ensure they have certain qualities of professionalism and experience working with your industry. 

5 Qualities That Will Ensure Success in Beauty 3PL Services

Beitler Logistics Services, Inc. (BLS) is a leading 3PL and non-asset provider. Our company’s foundation is built on the belief that we can help our customers achieve their long-term logistics goals through superior service, communication, flexibility, and integrity. Continue reading to learn more about us and if we’re the right 3PL provider for your company.

Ample Experience – Established in 1917, BLS has over a century of experience in 3PL services. 

Long-term Relationships – We prioritize relationships at BLS, building connections to ensure long-term success, professional encounters, and trust between our clients and us. 

Integrity and Honor – All of our team members are committed to the highest levels of integrity and honor, always following through on a job, and ensuring effective and efficient completion. 

Numerous Services – As a prominent name in the industry, we offer many 3PL services ensuring logistical efficiency for all our clients. 

Extensive Service Areas – Covering all 50 states, we can serve companies in any area of the U.S. from Washington D.C. to California.

100+ Years of Experience

Experience is a vital factor that aids consistent success. Backed by a century of 3PL wisdom, we have built a reputable brand name that guarantees success and satisfaction. 

Our president, Quentin J. Beitler, has more than 20 years of knowledge in 3PL. As certified experts in their field, our team members strive to move your company forward. Meet our executive team.

Professional Relationships 

Relationships build a team, and a well-oiled team sets a company up for achievement. Therefore, professional and communicative relationships are essential to maintain long-term success in beauty 3PL logistic services.  

At BLS, we prioritize strong relationships with clients to ensure our services are precisely what you desire. We’ll keep an open line of communication so that you always feel comfortable talking with us. Whether a change to a shipment occurred or something didn’t go as planned, we will be ready to adjust and work with you to ensure excellence. 

Extensive Service Area

The larger the 3PL service area, the more room for growth is available for your company. You want to choose a 3PL that can expand your company from the east coast to the west coast. 

With a wide array of expertise in different areas and industries, we can ensure success for your beauty 3PL logistics. While we are headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, our extensive network of partners extends throughout the United States from the tip of Florida to the tip of Seattle’s space needle. 

Explore BLS’ service areas.

Our Core Values

Professionalism, honor, and honesty drive us towards greatness as a team. When you work with us, you will engage in professional encounters, and we will be open about every detail of your logistical work. We take honor in our work, and we strive for excellence in all that we do. 

Our Goals:

  • Exceed expectations 
  • Create value
  • Provide solutions 
  • Take on your problems as our own
  • Measure our performance and cost
  • Review market changes and adjust accordingly  

Beauty 3PL Services BLS Offers

As a beauty 3PL provider, we offer numerous services to aid in your beauty logistics. 

  • Pool Distribution Logistics – We will pay close attention to packaging detail, handle your inventory with care, and deliver to retail storefront locations. 
  • Truckload Services – With our vast network of carriers, we can ship your freight anywhere domestically at a competitive rate. 
  • Specialized Transportation Services – Many beauty products require specific transportation accommodations that we can meet!
  • LTL Services – With our extensive LTL distribution options, we can ensure we will ship your products most cost-effectively. 
  • Warehousing and Fulfillment Services – Our vast storage space offers scalability and storage accommodations for specialized products.
  • Reverse Logistics – BLS will inspect and repackage or dispose of any returned products while providing you with complete return visibility. 
  • Final Mile Delivery – With optimized routing and strategically placed warehouses across the country, BLS will ensure your last mile deliveries are cost-effective and efficient. 

Satisfying Clients for 100+ Years

Our team assists our clients by easing their logistical duties. Our team is always there to support your beauty brand every step of the way. 

Read Client Reviews 

“Mike’s been so responsive and helpful to me through all of this. He never rushed you off the phone and is always calm.”

“Mike worked harder than us all thru this I think. If it wasn’t for him and our new LH partners, we would never have made it thru this with a few bumps and bruises like we did. It would’ve been a catastrophe.”

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