Warehousing consists of a large area of third-party logistics, including services such as specialized warehousing and inventory management. Understanding the varying types of warehousing services your 3PL offers is essential to getting the most out of your partnership. 

Specialized Warehouse Services 

When you partner with a 3PL, it is vital to ensure that they will be able to offer you warehousing services that are specialized to your company’s needs. You want a 3PL that can provide you with the space and knowledge to grow your company. 

Partner with us at Beitler Logistics Services (BLS) to gain access to our expansive network of providers, the opportunity to grow with our 270,000+ square feet of warehousing space, and 24/7 operational support. 

Food Grade Warehouse Space

Does your company need particular warehouse space for food products? If you work with a company that works with food products, it is crucial to find a 3PL that knows how to handle these specialty products, undergoing annual FDA inspections. 

We offer ambient, refrigerator, and frozen warehousing space at BLS that follow federal, state, and local regulations. Food-grade warehousing is essential even if your products don’t require refrigeration. 

Palletized Storage

Palletized storage helps to increase efficiency while ensuring well-organized warehouse space. In addition, well-organized warehousing creates a safer work environment for employees, decreasing workplace injuries. 

With advanced technology and expansive space, our facilities at BLS are capable of housing products from industries as large as automotive to as small as cosmetics.  

On-Demand Warehouse Storage

Sometimes your company needs short-term or temporary storage. For example, during the holiday season, you may have a higher sales rate! Having a 3PL with on-demand storage is a huge benefit when your sales increase for a season. 

Not only are we always on-demand with 24/7 operational service, but so are our 270,000+ square feet of warehousing space. In addition, our scalability options allow you to increase and decrease your resources based on your current needs. 

Short Term Freight Storage 

There’s nothing better than creating the most efficient, cost-effective operations. Short-term freight storage enables freight consolidation into one truckload saving time and money. 

We provide you with solutions that save you and BLS time and money. Our short-term freight storage helps to create efficient, cost-effective solutions daily. 

Truckload Sorting

Finding a 3PL with the most up-to-date technology is vital to warehousing success. Truckload sorting is a tedious process that requires precise organization, especially when a truck rolls in with 50,000+ items. 

With our advanced technology, we organize all of our products most efficiently, once again saving time and money finding products. 

Distribution Services

Partnering with a 3PL that operates as your warehouse and distribution center eliminates the middleman, creating more efficient and cost-effective solutions. This makes you more money and creates better customer relations. 

We can be both your warehouse and distribution center! With our market expansion benefits, you can store your inventory in varying BLS warehouses across the country to provide your customers with faster service. 

Sort and Seg 

Sort and segregation services ensure that all the products in your shipment arrive at their destination. These services require precise procedures, adequate technology, and attention to detail. 

With our sort and seg service, we will ensure that each product has arrived at its respective destination on time and in good condition.

Pick and Pack

Relating to distribution services, pick and pack services ensure that the correct type and number of products are removed from shelves to be packaged for shipment.

With our advanced storage methods, we can efficiently locate any product in our warehouses and prepare shipments quickly with no hassle.  

Temperature and Humidity Controlled 

Some inventory requires special accommodations for temperature and humidity-sensitive products. Therefore, finding a 3PL that can provide you with temperature and humidity-controlled warehousing space is vital! 

In addition to our other many specialty services, we also offer extensive temperature and humidity-controlled warehousing space at BLS. Even if you currently don’t have any products that require this service, having a warehouse that provides this service is excellent for the prospect of expansion! 

Inventory Management

Inventory management makes everything easier. Having a 3PL who manages your inventory is invaluable. This service enables quick distribution thanks to the organization and ensures that all of your products are kept in satisfactory condition without expiring on the shelf. 

Thanks to our advanced technology, we can keep close track of what products in our warehouses will expire while ensuring that the oldest products are always first to go in shipments to customers. 

Cross Docking

Products are unloaded and reloaded for their final destination from one truck to another. Cross docking services help consolidate truckloads with other shipments going to the same location, increasing efficiency and decreasing costs.

At BLS, we strive to cut costs, increase efficiency, and develop a competitive edge. Our comprehensive cross-docking services do just that with our expansive network of warehouse cross-country and optimized delivery routes. 

Find a 3PL With Many Types of Warehousing Services

A quality 3PL is the key to success, and finding one with many types of warehousing services will help to guarantee your company’s growth. Explore more about our warehousing services or contact us and get a quote today!