Cross dock warehousing services are highly beneficial and cost effective for shipping products to various locations. These services are great options for products that move off shelves consistently, perishables that need instant shipment, or pre-picked and packaged shipments from other warehouses. 

Exactly, What Is a Cross Dock Warehouse?

A cross-docking warehouse is a warehouse that stores products specifically for immediate shipment when needed. The overall goal of cross-docking is to eliminate the need for a warehouse, but it is still required for these cross-dock facilities to have a safe warehouse to store things while products are being organized for their next truck. 

Cross-docking services consolidate or separate inbound products onto various trucks going onto different outbound trucks. This process saves time and money by having trucks travel less mileage and filling each truck full not to waste space. And, having your products at a warehouse specializing in cross-docking speeds up the process even more. 

Benefits of Cross Docking?

  • Inventory Efficiency: Cross-docking eliminates the storage stage fast-tracking the movement of your products to their final destination! 
  • Competitive Edge: By storing products at a cross-docking warehouse, you develop a competitive edge with the speedier service you can offer your customers. 
  • Reduced Transportation Costs: With cross docking’s increased efficiency, you will save on shipment costs. 
  • Consolidation: No truck space is wasted because cross-docking consolidates incoming and outgoing shipments. 

Pre vs Post Distribution Cross Docking

There are two forms of cross-docking warehousing: pre-distribution cross-docking and post-distribution cross-docking

  • Pre-distribution cross-docking — This is the process of unloading and repacking shipments into a new truck immediately on arrival. This occurs when the end destination is already known.
  • Post-distribution cross-docking — When the end destination or customer is not yet known, shipments wait to be unpacked until the final destination is determined. 

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