Your shipment is almost to its destination!

A last-mile carrier is the shipping company that transports your deliveries for the final leg of its journey. Your last mile carrier will notify you when they accept the delivery and it is in their possession. It is now on its way to its final destination. 

It’s a great feeling knowing your shipping logistics provider has taken care of every detail of your deliveries from the beginning to the very end. 

Getting to the End Goal

Delivering your shipment to its destination requires numerous steps — some might even call it a dance — where everything and everyone is in sync. Sometimes multiple truckloads may transport it to different destinations to get re-sorted onto new trucks and then shipped out again. 

Once your packages have been accepted by your last-mile carrier, they’ll need to be transported to their final destination. In some cases, that may be across the country.

Using a logistics service that can perform all your distribution and warehousing will benefit your overall productivity and improve your bottom line. Beitler Logistics Services (BLS) is a full-service logistics company that will do everything from keeping your inventory and delivery management to providing final delivery services. 

The Importance of Last-Mile Carriers

Customer satisfaction is one of a company’s most important pursuits. It’s one of the basic foundations of operating a successful business: keep your clients happy so they keep coming back for more. After all, a repeat customer is a much more valuable customer.

The last-mile carrier is your final contact point with your clients for each delivery. Since it’s necessary to take the proper steps to ensure they’re satisfied with your service, be sure to partner with a carrier that cares about your client’s satisfaction as much as you do. If your shipments arrive late or damaged, your customers won’t want to work with you again. 

Last-Mile Carrier Tracking

Ensuring that your logistics company offers ample last-mile carrier tracking is essential in the digital world. With so many apps providing consumers with real-time monitoring, your consumers must also be able to see the current location of their shipments. Tracking features for your consumers should include:

  • Mobile app alerts
  • Direct communication
  • Real-time tracking

BLS’ final mile tracking technology provides increased visibility during transportation. By working with BLS, you can improve your customer service by providing them with up-to-date information on their shipments.

Types of Last-Mile Carriers

Many last-mile carriers offer various types of vehicles: cars, vans, trucks, whatever is most efficient for the size or type of shipment. BLS has a fleet of every kind of vehicle needed for your B2B deliveries. 

Choosing a Last-Mile Carrier

While you could choose a separate last-mile carrier, it is much more efficient to consolidate all of your logistic services at one full-service logistics company. In addition, by streamlining these services there is less chance for miscommunication and loss of packages. 

When you choose BLS as your full-service logistics provider, we will deliver all your B2B shipments on time and in perfect condition. We will give you superior, professional, and honest service.

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