3PL reverse logistics are services that occur after the shipment arrives at its destination. These types of services are essential for customer service and satisfaction. Ensuring your customers have been fully satisfied is just as crucial as the delivery itself because customer satisfaction is what creates repeat customers. 

Reverse Logistic Services

The supply chain isn’t a straight line. It’s a circle, cycling through products as they’re disposed of, repurposed, or resold. The supply chain never ends at delivery, and that’s why 3PL reverse logistics are essential for all companies.  

3PL services that go into 3PL reverse logistics processes include:

Transportation, Shipping Services

While transportation services are common in all sectors of 3PL services, transportation and shipping services are slightly different when relating to reverse logistics. Reverse logistic transportation and shipping services will pick up any damaged or undesired products from their original destination and then transport them back to the warehouse for resale or to a different facility for disposal or repurposing. 


Sometimes when products need to be returned, they aren’t always capable of being resold. In this case, they will either be repurposed or disposed of. Repurposing entails using varying materials from the undesired or damaged item to recycle them for another use.


When you partner with a logistics company, they will provide you with the resources you need to environmentally and ethically dispose of any unsavable products. 


Finally, the best option is always to resell. If returned items come back to the warehouse unused and in good condition, they can return to the shelves to be sold to a new customer. 

How Reverse Logistic Services Help You

These services help you as a company to understand your shipment success rate post-delivery. Reverse logistics quantify your overall performance by measuring various quantifiers to increase this standard.

What’s Measured:

  • Damaged goods
  • Product recalls
  • Product returns
  • Warranty returns
  • Inventory returns
  • Reusable packaging and goods

These measurements will better help your 3PL plan for future shipments creating more effective and beneficial solutions for your company. 

Consumers Want Superior Service

Consumers want more than the best product — they want the best service. And that’s what reverse logistics offers: warranties, returns, and shipping. Successful shipping systems make a company stand out. Further, efficient resell, recycling, and disposal systems ensure the company recovers product value.

Who is 3PL Reverse Logistics Best For?

3PL reverse logistics benefits all companies. Reverse logistics reduce overall costs, create happy customers, build up your reputation, develop sustainability, and increase profit. Any company will benefit from partnering with a 3PL because building all these benefits is a significant investment in money and time. By outsourcing these services to a logistics company, you can focus your time on other facets of your industry. 

BLS as Your 3PL Reverse Logistics Provider 

Beitler Logistics Services offers every reverse logistics service you will need from a 3PL provider. Our logistic solutions include: 

  • Delivery recalls
  • Delivery returns of excess goods
  • Disposal of unwanted items
  • Distribution
  • Removal of packaging
  • Repackaging
  • Restocking
  • Returns management

BLS, a 3PL company, offers innovative solutions to inevitable roadblocks. We are prepared for the unplanned with hassle-free return processes, inventory control, and reduced waste processes.

Our environment-friendly reduced waste processes reuse products and materials, making customers feel better about their purchases. Also, our simple return process makes it a breeze for customers to change their minds and get their money back.Learn more about our reverse logistics services.