A final mile carrier is the last carrier responsible for transporting to the shipment’s destination. Once the final mile carrier accepts the shipment, it is on the last stretch of its trip and almost to its ultimate stop. 

The final mile carrier is what makes or breaks the success of a delivery. Many times, when a consumer purchases something online, that item has thousands of miles to travel ahead of them. The first chunk of travel is typically composed of an FTL or LTL truckload shipping service.

Once the packages are closer to the final destination, pallets are separated and organized into different last-mile carrier vehicles. These courier vehicles will be headed in more specific directions for final deliveries. 

These courier services then embark on the final mile. 

Differences Between the First Thousand Miles and the Final Mile

While every mile of the supply chain transit is essential to delivery, the final mile is pivotal in customer satisfaction. 

The first thousand miles are often covered before the product knows where its final destination will be. Truckloads may be moving freight to different warehouses across the country, so they are ready to ship when an order comes through. This is what enables same-day and one-day deliveries. 

Because the products are already within so many miles of their destination, the warehouse can quickly get the products packaged and loaded onto a courier vehicle for efficient delivery speed. 

How 3PL Guarantees Effective and Rapid Final Miles

By partnering with a full-service logistics company, you will have access to all the resources you’ll need to achieve quality and reputable final mile delivery options. 

Third-party logistics companies can provide you with final mile carrier tracking, order fulfillment services, and timely deliveries.

3PL companies will offer you ample warehousing space throughout a wide range of areas. With their varying transportation services, you will have access to every distribution service you need, no matter the product or quantity. And their expertise will help you to save money in the long run. All of these benefits will help increase your customer’s delivery experience by enabling you to offer them:

  • Better shipping rates
  • Faster delivery times
  • More shipment options

The Beitler Advantage

At Beitler Logistics Services (BLS), we offer the Beitler Advantage: A promise of professionalism, honor, and honesty. We offer access to virtually every market in the U.S. and Canada and 24/7 service for your every need. And, with one company operating all of your logistical needs, we will be one friendly point of contact, streamlining all your logistical needs.

BLS Final Mile Services

We offer many customer-centric services that help you build customer satisfaction with your consumer base. We offer nationwide warehousing coverage, 24/7 operation to ensure your company’s success daily, and are quick to adapt, providing increased staffing when necessary. Our services and technology will offer you real-time visibility with our superior order tracking information (viewable through desktop and our mobile app), showing proof of delivery and leaving the warehouse.

  • Route efficiency 
  • Shipment tracking technology
  • Strategically placed warehouses

Are you interested in working with us for your final mile logistical needs? If so, take a moment to explore more services and benefits of our final mile delivery services.