You’re starting your last mile of a 5k. You’ve already run two miles, and, quite frankly, you’re wiped. You might not even be focused on speed at this point — you just want to finish. 

But, you don’t need to be spent for the last mile. When you are training for this 5k, if you focus on form and breathing, you will have all the energy to persevere to the finish line, maintaining a consistent speed. 

That final mile is one of the most important miles because, in the logistics world, it’s the point at which your customer is eagerly waiting for their shipment to arrive. And customer satisfaction is what final mile delivery is all about. 

What Does Final Mile Delivery Entail?

When final mile delivery begins, there are many goals for the logistics company. Their biggest goal should be to satisfy the customer, and they will accomplish this by:

  • Completing delivery
  • Building trust and confidence
  • Being quick and adaptable

But, as explained above, completing end goals is hard if you don’t prepare beforehand with adequate training or processes. 

Your logistics company needs to be prepared to successfully and quickly deliver a shipment. They must have detailed and organized inventory, effective order fulfillment, efficient shipment processes, and real-time tracking to achieve excellent delivery experiences.

How to Prepare for the Final Mile

Finding a logistics company that prepares for the final mile is crucial to your company’s success because customer satisfaction is contingent on success. Let’s look at how third-party logistic (3PL) companies can prepare you for the last mile.

Optimize Routes 

Finding the most efficient routes before it’s time to hit the road will save money on gas and mileage and offer fast delivery times to your customers. 

Extend Locations of Warehousing 

By partnering with a 3PL company that has warehousing facilities in numerous locations, you will be able to decrease final mile delivery times. You will want to partner with a logistics company with warehousing in areas near your customer base.

Beitler Logistics Services (BLS) has 270,000+ square feet of warehousing space across the country. You can explore our different service areas

Offer Real-Time Tracking

Customers want to see where their product is as soon as they order it, the next day, and when it’s at their loading dock. You will improve your customer experience by offering them top-notch tracking services! 

What Are Final Mile Delivery Services at BLS

Beitler Logistics Services offers a handful of final mile services, including:

  •  Equipment setups and deliveries
  •  Fixtures
  •  High-value products
  •  Medical equipment
  •  Office machines, equipment, and supplies
  •  Optimized and routed networks
  •  Retail products
  •  White glove deliveries

BLS prioritizes adaptability, speed, and transparency. So, don’t fret about making it to the finish line quickly and efficiently. Instead, partner with us, and our warehousing and inventory processes, distribution services, and tracking technology will take care of the race on its own.