Last-mile delivery services make your shipments go from great to excellent. They utilize strategic services that offer you more flexibility, control, and profitability. When investing in final-mile delivery services, you’ll experience increased visibility, productivity, and scalability for your entire shipping operations.

The benefits of last-mile delivery services are both tactical and tangible. Companies that take advantage of this type of service enjoy:

  • Increased productivity
  • Route optimization
  • Decreased fuel costs
  • Transparent trackability
  • Superior customer satisfaction

Below we will look into each of these benefits so you can see how final-mile delivery can transform your shipping logistics.

Increased Fleet Productivity 

One of the many benefits of last-mile delivery is how it will increase your fleet’s productivity. Through optimized routes, decreased fuel costs, and effective tracking technology, final-mile delivery ensures efficient and trackable routes. With this service, both the distributor and the customer can rest assured knowing where their freight is at all times and that it will be delivered as soon as possible. 

Optimized Routes and Reduced Fuel Costs

At Beitler Logistic Services, we ensure route efficiency by optimizing all of our routes and decreasing our overall usage of fuel. These actions have a positive impact on our final-mile delivery speed, ensuring efficient shipping and fast deliveries.

Trackability and Transparency

For the safety of your freight, we provide tracking technology that keeps you notified of the status of your shipment. We strive for transparency not only in where your shipments are at but also in our work methods and processes. We offer superior services that:

  • Exceed expectations
  • Create value
  • Provide solutions

At BLS, we will take on your problems as if they were our own, persistently pursuing solutions that boost your business. We will constantly be measuring our performance and cost and will report this information back to you — transparently. And we stay on top of the industry by reviewing market challenges and making necessary adjustments.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customer demands can be high sometimes — maybe even too high sometimes. But when Beitler follows through with our promises to offer the best logistic services available, your customers will experience ultimate satisfaction. 

We guarantee that we will provide you with the best value for your money. It isn’t about what’s easiest; it’s about taking the time and care to find the right solution that helps your business be successful. And that is exactly what BLS does every day with every customer.

The Beitler Advantage and Its Benefits of Last-Mile Delivery Services

BLS is made up of a team of people who highly value their work ethic, prioritizing professionalism, honor, and honesty. And, at BLS, we offer the Beitler Advantage — our promise to devote time and energy to further benefit our customers. We do this because we want to make a positive — professional, honorable, and honest — impact on everyone we encounter. 

So, when you partner with BLS, you’ll get more than the benefits of last-mile delivery services. You’ll get the benefits of the Beitler Advantage, a promise of superior quality, personal integrity, and a large provider’s network.

Learn more about the Beitler Advantage.