Do you have shipments that require on-site services, fragile handling, or needs specialized equipment? If you answered ‘yes,’ then your shipment requires a specialized freight service to ensure successful delivery. Learn the three things about specialized freight so you’ll receive superior handling of your load.

Types of Freight That Require Specialized Services 

Are you wondering if your freight needs specialized assistance? Review the list below to determine if your shipment meets the criteria. 

  • Fragile or complex items, including:
    • Oversized loads
    • Electronics that are sensitive to bumps
    • Any industrial equipment that needs protection from rough handling
    • Refrigeration equipment that requires extra padding to prevent dents 
    • Store fixtures or furniture that need to stay in pristine condition
    • Bulk liquids to ensure safe transportation 
  • Retail store setups, including:
    • Delivery 
    • Unpacking
    • Setting up merchandise
  • Supply chain freight involves moving raw materials and finished products from start to finish
  • Vehicles that need to be fully enclosed ride with tilt-free storage 
  • Trade show exhibits 

3PL Providers and Specialized Freight Services

Transporting specialized freight could require anything from specific vehicles, temperature-controlled trucks, or time-sensitive shipments. You’ll want to work with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider to ship your valuable freight with care and accuracy. 3PL’s providers are third-party companies offering logistics and supply chain management services, including distribution, warehousing, and fulfillment services. They have the expert knowledge to handle your shipment needs properly. 

Finding a 3PL provider you can trust is fundamental to your current and long-term success. Review their services, testimonials, and how the company conducts itself to help you learn if they’re the right fit for you. 

The BLS Advantage  

At Beitler Logistics Services (BLS), when you choose us for your specialized freight services, you’ll receive three significant benefits. 

1. Business Growth 

Thanks to our vast network of partners, BLS can grow with your company. As your business and needs grow, we can provide new services. From full truckload shipments to reverse logistics, you can relax knowing we can help meet your needs without looking for a new provider. 

2. Safety 

Providing safe transportation and storage for your shipment is our top priority. Rest easy knowing your freight is well cared for when it’s in our hands. 

3. Flexibility 

Our team is quick to adjust to your changing needs. From adding on additional services to increasing shipment speed, we’re here for you. 

Types of Specialized Freight Services 

Depending on the 3PL provider will determine the services available. Some of the most frequently used services include:

  • Debris removal
  • Fixture installation
  • Store fixtures relocation and transfers
  • White glove service
  • Air-ride equipped vehicles
  • Liftgate assist
  • Pad-wrapping and strapping
  • Trade show logistics 
  • Expedited shipments 

The BLS Advantage  

At BLS, we use our many years of specialized transportation experience and quick access to specialized equipment to provide you with plenty of services. Including all the above-listed services and more, we can safely and accurately transport your shipment. 

Learn How BLS Specialized Freight Services Can Help You!

When you partner with us, our team will provide you with the highest levels of professionalism, honor, and honesty. At BLS, we believe your success is our success, and we’ll work hard to meet your transportation and logistics goals. 

Contact us to learn more about how our company’s reputation for superior service with flexibility can help you with your specialized freight.