Last mile transportation logistics is the final step of the delivery process. When B2B (business to business) final mile deliveries, the shipments aren’t going to a residential address. Instead, the freight could be going to a retail location, or it might be an equipment or fixture delivery with setup.

This last mile delivery could be anything from a few miles away or even 100 miles. The last mile simply means the last part of the transportation process, so once the driver unloads the freight, it’s at the destination. A third-party logistics (3PL) provider utilizes third-party partnerships to find the best service and price for your needs. Then as your business expands, a 3PL can grow with you, so your business doesn’t miss a beat. 

Continue reading this article to learn how B2B last-mile transportation with a 3PL is right for you and when you should start working with them for your transportation needs. 

3 Things You Might Not Know About B2B Last-Mile Transportation with a 3PL

Many businesses understand the value last mile services offer. Understanding the value is great, but there are some things you might not have known about the service. Below are three things you can learn about B2B’s last-mile logistics. 

How it Differs from 3PL Residential Deliveries 

Unlike residential deliveries, there are additional benefits when shipping freight to a commercial or warehouse location utilizing a 3PL provider. 

  • Select the most optimized route that considers:
    • The shortest path  
    • Current weather conditions
    • Traffic hours
    • Number of stops along the route
    • Delivery windows
    • Reducing fuel costs 
  • Access to streamline processes that: 
    • Maintain product integrity 
    • Include proper packaging handling and storage
    • Has Standard Operating Procedures in place 
  • Ability to distribute freight to allow for:
    • Specific geographical regions
    • Strategically keep inventory closer to the final destination for faster deliveries

Choose from Several Different Types of Delivery Services 

You aren’t limited to one delivery option just because of a large shipment. You can select from:

  • Standard service
  • Expedited service (overnight, same day)
  • Specialized services
    • Liftgates/ pallet jacks 
    • Palletized options
    • Local/Regional/National locations
  • White glove services
    • Over-the-threshold delivery 
    • Fragile items 
    • Debris removal
    • Reverse logistics 

Focus on the Results, Not the Transportation Process 

When you choose to have an in-house transportation department, you’ll hire staff to operate it, but you’re still responsible for overseeing its operation. This can include the department goals, performance costs, and staying current with the market. 

Instead, by working with a 3PL, you can share your goals with them, and they will focus on all the management pieces. Then, they provide you with the results of your goals so you can spend time on other business matters. 

When Should You Begin Working with a 3PL Provider?

There’s no perfect time to start working with a 3PL. It’s different for every business, but here are some signs that your business might be ready.

#1 More Control Over Tracking Information

If you want to know exactly where your freight is once it leaves your warehouse, then a 3PL provider is the option for you. They will regularly provide you with accurate details on your package’s location from the warehouse location, the transporting truck, and the time it’ll arrive at the destination. 

#2 Reducing Fuel and Labor Costs 

Fuel and labor costs significantly contribute to your goods’ profit margin. When you work with an experienced 3PL, they’ll review and manage the fuel costs to find the most cost-effective and optimized options. And for labor costs, the 3PL has access to delivery drivers across the country. So during your partnership, you’re allowing them to find the most inexpensive options. 

#3 Rapidly Growing Business 

When your business rapidly expands, it’s great news! And the most critical part is ensuring you can keep up with its growing needs. A 3PL provider is a valuable resource to help with transportation, warehousing, and additional logistics to ensure you don’t miss a beat.

Learn More About B2B Last-Mile Transportation with Beitler 

Beitler Logistics Services, Inc. (BLS) is a superior 3PL provider with access to a broad network of delivery carriers, drivers, and warehouse spaces. So they can provide fast last-mile deliveries at a competitive price! 

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