Do you need to store products for an upcoming flash sale? Did a manufacturer offer you significant savings if you doubled your regular order? Or are you concerned about a shortage, so you want to have additional inventory on hand? 

When storing large quantities of freight, there are several factors to consider when making sure that you receive the best results for your investment. For B2B retailers, working with a third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse provider can help to guarantee that your freight is safe, properly stored, and ready to ship when the time comes. Learn more about the necessities for keeping large quantities of goods in a freight storage warehouse. 

5 Factors to Consider When Storing Large Quantities of Freight 

The more inventory you have, the more critical it becomes to store your products with the right 3PL. Here are the five factors to review when looking for a freight storage warehouse with a 3PL.

Safety and Security 

You’ll want to work with a provider that can show how they secure their facility from external theft and how they establish a trustworthy and respectable team of employees. 

Your Current and Future Needs 

Most 3PLs offer a variety of warehouse services. Determine your current needs and anticipate potential future needs. Developing a partnership that can last for years will make it easier on you as the business grows. 

Warehouse Locations

Learn about their various warehouse locations. You’ll want the option to divide your freight across several locations where you have the highest shipping traffic. This is known as distributed inventory management, and it helps to reduce your transportation costs and time.

Inventory Management Potential 

Inventory management services involve more than keeping track of products. As your freight capacities increase, so does the urgency to maintain proper inventory levels. You need a team that’ll keep detailed information on your freight, including any products that require specialized services. 

Short-Term and On-Demand Storage Options

While long-term storage is ideal for many situations, having the ability to store goods for the short term is very beneficial too. For example, it allows you to take advantage of discounted merchandise, stock up for an upcoming flash sale, or prepare for a new product launch. Talk with the provider about their flexibility and storage capacities for short-term and on-demand options. 

Advantages of a 3PL Freight Storage Warehouse with Beitler Logistics 

Now that you know what to look for when investing in 3PL freight storage services, the next step is working with the right provider. You should know the benefits you can receive with Beitler Logistics Services (BLS). 

BLS is a superior 3PL that helps you:

  • Prepare for upcoming busy seasons without the stress of storing inventory 
  • Move freight quickly and accurately 
  • Increase or decrease your storage as needed 
  • Gain access to our distribution route expansion 
  • Handle and manage your inventory needs  

BLS Services Available  

We’re experienced working with various B2B industries and freight types. We can provide services for: 

  • Temperature and humidity-controlled spaces 
  • Food grade spaces 
  • Palletized storage
  • Specialized services
  • Truckload sorting
  • Sort and seg
  • Inventory management
  • Cross-docking

Act Now and Request a Warehousing Quote! 

At BLS, we can scale our services to meet your needs from cross dock to final mile delivery services. Request a warehousing quote for your freight needs to learn why our team is the right fit for your business.