When running your day-to-day business, there are many “i’s to dot” and “t’s to cross” to guarantee everything runs smoothly. This can be especially taxing during the hustle and bustle of the holiday. And since warehouse management is an important part of a company’s success, you want to make sure it’s done right. To ensure that your warehousing is profitable, you’ll need knowledge, specific processes, and an eye for detail. 

Whether you need storage for the upcoming holiday season or stocking up on supplies, a third-party logistics (3PL) provider can help ensure your warehousing investment is profitable. We’re here to explain why warehouse management is important and how proper management can actually make you money. Let’s get started.

5 Reasons Why Warehouse Management is Important 

The reason why warehouse management is important to a company’s success is that when it’s done well, you’ll have low costs with high productivity. Since most businesses maintain minimal low inventory stock, they can easily fulfill orders as they arrive. And at best, many businesses will maintain inventory for several months because they understand that no product = no sales.

Here are four additional reasons for the importance of warehouse management to further show its value. 

  • Verifies all protocols and processes operate at maximum efficiency
  • Optimizes space for best inventory storage layout 
  • Strategically stores inventory, so it’s fast and simple to find 
  • Ensures accurate inventory counts at all times 

How Warehouse Management Leads to Increased Profits  

When your warehousing is operating at its highest efficiency, it strengthens your supply chain, ultimately impacting your overall sales. Review the below process as an example of how proper warehouse management can lead to increased profits. 

– The warehouse team receives inventory and verifies the quantity and condition of the items 

– The team stores it in the right location, which allows for accurate and quick shipping 

– Order arrives, the team sends out the shipment 

– The customer receives the correct order in good condition on time (or early)

The immediate result is a satisfied customer who will continue making purchases and share their experience with other potential customers. 

As you continue with a streamlined system, productivity levels increase, and you’ll see even more cost savings which you can invest elsewhere in the business. Another long-term result is it provides you with flexibility and resiliency in unexpected situations. These scenarios can help with:

  • Last-minute changes due to material shortages, bad weather, or damages 
  • Adding new inventory additions 
  • Prevention of selling inventory that’s out of stock 

By successfully navigating the above examples, your supply chain will continue to operate at its fullest potential. 

Warehouse Management Responsibilities 

As mentioned above, warehouse management involves handling daily operations. This is a detailed oriented and time-consuming responsibility for any person or team. The daily management includes:

  • Maintaining a well-organized space
  • Managing to staff 
  • Fulfilling orders
  • Handling all inbound and outbound freight  
  • Managing stored inventory 

All the above responsibilities need specific protocols to ensure management success. If you’re considering handling the important task of warehouse management in-house, it could take time to develop, implement, and maintain the most efficient protocols to see the success you want. That’s when a skilled and reputable 3PL can assist you. 

The Beitler Advantage that Provides You with Superior Service 

Finding and selecting 3PL warehousing services is all-important for your success, and at Beitler Logistics Services (BLS), we understand. Many 3PL providers try to persuade you to choose them, but we’ll explain what you can expect so you can base your decision on the facts.  

What to Expect with BLS

– Gain access to our 100+ years of industry experience

– Only BLS-certified associates will handle your freight 

– Our team will develop a Standard Operating Procedure for your business, and all business partners will review it before its approval 

Read more about our Beitler Advantage, or you can talk to us now to learn how we can help your company grow!

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