When your business has a load of goods that is not big enough to fill an entire truck, how should you ship the freight? Your best option is LTL freight shipping, which stands for “less than truckload.” 

LTL freight is typically between 150 and 15,000 pounds, so it’s perfect for goods larger than a parcel but not big enough to fill a truck. And the best part? You can share truck space with freight from other businesses, which makes LTL shipping a more practical and affordable way to transport small loads.

Let’s explore the benefits, costs, and other factors for an LTL load. 

Benefits of LTL Freight

LTL services offer many benefits for your business, including:

  • Affordability. When you share space with other shipments, you also share the overall cost, which can save you money over sourcing a full truck.
  • Reduce emissions. Sharing a truck with other shipments means there are fewer vehicles on the road (and lower emissions). 
  • Protection. LTL shipments are loaded onto pallets, which protects your goods from damage from other shipments and general wear and tear. 

You can also count on your LTL carrier to provide services such as pick-up, consolidation, transportation, and delivery. If you need them, operational support and tracking information should be available to you. That way, you stay in the know about every detail of your shipment. 

What Determines LTL Shipping Costs?

The specific requirements of your shipment will determine the overall cost, including freight classification, trucking lanes, and special services. Let’s break down the details of each one.

Freight Classification

Classification is important because it determines the final cost of your LTL shipment. The freight class is determined by your shipment’s: 

  • Density 
  • Storage ability
  • Handling 
  • Liability 

Your logistics provider can help you figure out the classification of your load. 

Trucking Lanes

Where is your shipment’s final destination? That’s what will determine the transit cost. For example, traveling straight down a highway would be more affordable than transporting a load through the mountains. 

Special Services

Is your shipment fragile? Or does your shipment need expedited delivery? These factors will increase your overall costs. 

Working with a trusted logistics provider is the best way to ensure low costs and efficient shipment handling. 

Choose Beitler Logistics for LTL Shipping

If you are ready to transport your small load of goods, contact the Beitler Logistics Solutions team with your shipment information and requirements. We understand the importance and urgency behind every load.

At BLS, we can accommodate all your freight needs. These options are available on all LTL shipments: 

  •  26’ liftgate delivery
  •  53’ liftgate delivery
  •  On-demand trucking
  •  Business deliveries
  •  Local delivery
  •  Regional delivery
  •  National delivery 
  •  Palletized delivery
  •  Pallet jack delivery

Integrity is a fundamental value within the BLS company. We strive to help you achieve all your transportation and logistics goals. When you’re part of the BLS community, your success is our success.

Are you ready to schedule your LTL freight? Or do you have other logistics needs? The BLS team can help you determine the best service for your shipment.

Get a quote today.