Protecting your business takes careful planning and understanding of the risk involved. Many businesses have a foundational understanding of loss prevention; however, they need assistance in implementing it. Loss prevention utilizes different tools to protect your assets and your business’s long-term success.

Let’s take a closer look at loss prevention in the freight industry, and which measures reliable shipping companies like Beitler Logistics Services take to improve it.

What Is Loss Prevention in the Freight Industry?

Loss prevention in the freight shipping industry is the practice of minimizing the risk of loss or damage to goods in transit. This can be done through a variety of measures, including:

Proper Packaging

Goods should be packaged in a way that protects them from damage during transit. This includes using the right materials, such as bubble wrap or foam, and ensuring that the packaging is properly sealed.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

By tracking shipments and analyzing data, shippers can identify areas where losses are occurring and take steps to prevent them. For example, if a particular carrier has a high rate of lost or damaged shipments, shippers can avoid using that carrier in the future.


There are a number of technologies that can be used to improve loss prevention in the freight shipping industry. These include GPS tracking, which can help locate lost shipments, and RFID tags, which can be used to identify and track individual items.

Employee Training

Employees who handle freight should be trained on how to prevent loss and damage. This includes training on proper packaging, handling procedures, and security measures.

Security Measures

Shippers should take steps to secure their facilities and shipments from theft and vandalism. This may include installing security cameras, fencing, and alarm systems.

By implementing these measures, shippers can help to minimize the risk of loss or damage to goods in transit.

Tips for Preventing Loss During Your Shipments

Here are some additional tips for loss prevention in the freight shipping industry:

  • When choosing a carrier, shippers should consider the carrier’s safety record, insurance coverage, and security measures
  • Insurance can help to protect shippers from financial losses in the event of a loss or damage
  • Inspect shipments upon arrival to ensure that they are not damaged
  • If a shipment is lost or damaged, shippers should file a claim with the carrier promptly

Other Loss Prevention Tools 

Loss prevention looks different for each industry. By learning about the different forms of loss prevention, you can enhance your current security measures. When people ask, “What is loss prevention?” they generally think of the following elements:

Locks and Safes

Important documents or items can easily be stored in a safe space where only specific individuals can obtain access.

Security Alarms

One of the most common forms of loss prevention protects products through the effective installation of a high-quality alarm system. 

Employee Training

When hiring a new staff member, ensure they are trained to notice suspicious activity within your workplace, especially during the shipping and receiving process.

Anti-Theft Devices

This can include tags to be placed on or inserted into products that partner with your business’ alarm system. 

Security Cameras 

Get a complete view of your business with high-quality security cameras strategically placed across your business location. 

Benefits of Loss Prevention 

Loss prevention looks different for each company. While some organizations may benefit more from security systems, others might need proper training or better inventory control for their shipments. 

Adequate loss prevention techniques with the right carrier can protect businesses from a variety of harmful outcomes such as:


When people hear the term loss prevention, they usually think of theft. Protect company assets from burglars through effective loss-prevention services. 


Reduce the risk of fraud with loss prevention services. With a combination of access control, security policies, fraud detection software, and internal controls, your business can be further protected from different forms of fraud.

Operational Errors 

Prevent future losses due to day-to-day errors with proper employee training and procedures. Security policies such as background checks and inventory control protect assets and encourage long-term success. 

What Is Loss Prevention With Beitler Logistic Services?

Protecting your business investments takes the right knowledge and shipping partner in order to be successful. Beitler Logistics Services provides comprehensive loss-prevention strategies for every shipment we manage. Protecting your assets is our team’s primary focus. 

We offer 24/7 operational support and have 100+ years of proven excellence. When you put your trust in Beitler Logistics Services, you receive the experience through premium-quality service and support. Building long-term relationships built upon mutual respect is our specialty.

Still have questions on what loss prevention is? Contact our team today for more information.