Are you looking for ways to protect your business’s assets and prevent losses? If you’re concerned, you’re not alone. Just last year (2022), U.S. retailers lost $112 billion to retail crime. Loss prevention strategies are essential for any company that ships or receives goods and can even help your business run more efficiently. 

What is retail loss prevention? Put simply, it protects the products that consumers want to buy from your business. It affects more than just physical retail store locations; the freight industry is among those on the front lines fighting organized retail crime (ORC). 

Let’s take a look at how Beitler Logistics Services can help you secure your products through effective retail loss prevention as a third-party logistics service provider (3PL).

3 Solutions for Retail Loss Prevention

Depending on your business, your needs for services may vary in comparison to other retailers. With more than a century’s worth of combined experience, the team at Beitler Logistics Services has options available to cater to your business needs, such as:

Secure Warehousing Services

As your business grows, you may need help with adequately storing all of your products. Without the proper storage facility, you could miss out on ordering a larger shipment or spend more on other facilities for last-minute storage. 

Warehousing services help you prepare for more fluctuations in the market. BLS offers warehousing at competitive prices so you can stay on budget for your storage needs.

Efficient Truckload Services 

Getting your shipments on time can make or break your retail business, depending on its size. BLS truckload services are capable of completing critical shipments. We provide 24/7 operations support for tracking your shipments so you can rest assured your delivery information is up-to-date. Enjoy the benefits of a flexible shipment team that can handle last-minute changes without causing significant delivery delays. 

Nationwide Pool Distribution Logistics 

If an unlikely accident occurs during the shipping process, the BLS team is prepared for rapid responses to ensure your delivery is made on time and unharmed. Pool distribution is widespread between smaller companies and Fortune 500s. This process allows a retailer to combine multiple shipments that are being sent to a particular region, allowing you to save time and money through the shipping process. 

The Benefits of a Beitler Partnership

Beitler Logistics Services offers other benefits, as well. BLS provides each customer with access to an expansive network of logistics service professionals. This nationwide network allows your shipments to get anywhere in the country on time with a reasonable budget. 

When you partner with Beitler, you can expect high-quality service with every delivery. Down to the final mile of your shipment, you will receive thorough communication, cost-effective value, and consistent alignment with your business’s strategic goals.

What Is Loss Prevention in Retail? BLS Has Answers 

After learning what is loss prevention in retail, the next step is finding a logistics provider that matches your company’s goals. Beitler believes that your success is our success. Every team member, from drivers to dispatchers to the executive team, is dedicated to finding the solutions you need for every shipment so your business can thrive. 
Have questions regarding retail loss prevention or other logistics services? Submit a contact form or request a quote today.