As a retail professional, having consistency in your shipments is essential for success. Working with a third-party logistics service provider (3PL) can positively impact your operations. 

Depending on your business’s specific needs, Beitler Logistics Services ensures that your deliveries are both safe and on time every time. 

4 Retail Logistics Solutions  

Retail is fast-paced and full of moving parts for both internal and external operations. Regardless of the size of the organization, retailers can benefit from the following logistics solutions:

1. Warehousing Services 

Has your business struggled with finding the necessary storage space for your products? Beitler Logistics Services can provide warehousing to assist you in the following: 

  • Order fulfillment 
  • Increase in inventory volume 
  • Special storage requirements 
  • Lack of storage space
  • Distribution route expansion 

Warehousing is an extension of your business. Working with BLS allows you to focus on other vital aspects of your business. Rather than spending money and time on hiring and training new team members, get the space you need and a team of logistics professionals on your side, thanks to BLS.

2. Pool Distribution Logistics 

If your business is constantly shipping to the same regions, it may be time to invest in pool distribution logistics. This service is common for smaller retailers and Fortune 500 corporations. By combining shipments being sent to the same regions, you can save money from unnecessary extra shipments. 

BLS possesses an expansive network of providers across the nation, so your organization can benefit from pool distribution regardless of the size of your shipments. If you have special requests regarding your shipment, our team members will provide potential solutions to accommodate your request. 

3. Truckload Solutions 

Making the most of every truckload allows you to accomplish more for less. BLS can support you with critical shipments nationwide. Retail logistics benefits from truckload services include:

  • Expedited shipments 
  • Direct trucking 
  • 24/7 customer service 
  • Same-day trucking 

4. LTL Services 

Do you need LTL services for specific shipments? BLS works to provide the services you need at a competitive price. LTL services are popular for shipments weighing 150 to 15,000 pounds. The BLS team will evaluate your organization’s goals and specific shipments to guide you through the process. 

The Beitler Advantage

Regardless of the service, when working with BLS, you can always expect the Beitler Advantage, which includes the following:

  • Professionalism 
  • Honesty 
  • Honor 

As a 3PL with over a century of experience in a variety of industries, BLS enhances your business operations with every shipment. The BLS team is dedicated to exceeding expectations by creating value and providing solutions and support for your business.

BLS customers work with a single point of contact, so their representative is familiar with their organization and its needs. In case of emergency, you will also have access to 24/7 operational support. When you call, the BLS team answers. 

Retail Logistics Made Simple 

BLS is prepared to handle your business’s shipments, large or small, so you can focus on operations rather than worrying about deliveries. Rest assured that every delivery is handled with care and arrives on time every time.

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