Have you seen semi-trucks on the highway and wondered how they keep safe day after day, hour after hour? Third-party logistics service providers (3PLs) implement extensive trucking safety for your shipment, our drivers, and everyone else on the road. Implementing effective trucking safety strategies reduces the chances of accidents and delays. 

5 Essential Trucking Safety Practices 

Building a foundation based on safety allows logistics providers to supply more dependable services. Some of the most impactful safety practices are simple and easy to add to any day-to-day operations. 

These practices include: 

Monitoring and Managing Speed 

Did you know that speeding is one of the top five causes of automobile accidents in the United States? When carrying your shipment, speeding and reckless driving can negatively impact your shipment’s quality and driver safety. Professional carriers, including truck drivers, receive training to monitor and manage speed to ensure deliveries are safe and on time. 

Vehicle Compliance 

If you partner with a 3PL, you should be assured that all trucks are up to date with vehicle compliance. This includes necessary permits, inspections, and maintenance to promote safety and exceed client standards. 

Safe Handling and Loading of Shipments 

By implementing a process of handling shipments, drivers remain protected from unnecessary injury and shipments from potential damages. Rather than having drivers lift and move heavy equipment, safety guidelines such as partner carriers help save time and protect drivers. 

Fighting Driver Fatigue 

One of the biggest challenges for logistics services is driver fatigue. Driving long distances takes time and can be physically and mentally tiring. 3PLs plan for driver fatigue in their route scheduling. Logistics professionals should allocate plenty of time for drivers to sleep without delaying shipments. 

Intentional Route Scheduling 

Planning routes ahead of time for any shipment is essential for successful deliveries. When planning routes, logistics professionals consider the following:

  • Weather 
  • Construction 
  • Heavy traffic areas 
  • Driver fatigue 
  • Desired delivery time 
  • Safety

While it is impossible to account for every possible variable in the planning process, taking appropriate action steps improves positive outcomes. 

Experienced Professionals and the Beitler Advantage 

Unlike other logistics service providers, BLS customers benefit from the Beitler Advantage. The BLS team makes trucking safety and proper handling of shipments a top priority. Regardless of your industry, BLS provides benefits such as: 

Around-the-Clock Operational Support 

In case of emergency, Beitler Logistics is only one call away. 

Shipment Flexibility

The BLS team works with you to customize services that meet your organization’s specific needs. 

Competitive Prices Across the Nation 

Our carriers drive throughout the U.S. every day to provide excellent service for our customers. Thanks to an excessive network of carriers, clients benefit from competitive prices year-round. 

Improving Operations Through Trucking Safety 

Beitler Logistics Services has a history of providing excellent service and promoting the safety of shipments and carriers. With over a century of combined experience, our team views your success as our success. From the first meeting to the final mile, our team is here for you.

Ready to improve your organization’s shipping process with effective truck safety? Contact BLS for a quote today.