Retailers across the globe benefit from retail logistics solutions from third-party logistics (3PL) providers to protect their assets and maintain positive, productive relationships with their customers. Having an extension of your team that understands the importance of safe handling, shipping, and warehousing can relieve stress and save your organization time and money. 

Let’s explore how various aspects of retail logistics solutions can help streamline your business.

Types of Retail Logistics 

Due to the diversity of the retail industry, some logistics approaches may work perfectly for one retailer yet need to be customized for another. 3PLs make it possible to tackle any unique challenges and gaps your business may face. 

Three types of retail logistics that enhance operations include the following: 

Specialized Warehousing 

As your business grows, the possibility of running out of space for your products and equipment grows, too. A 3PL can provide warehousing in locations you might need through the use of their network of partners. As a part of warehousing services, your business can also benefit from more effective inventory management by minimizing errors and losses. 

Trucking Services 

When sending shipments to different parts of the region or country, ensuring a safe final delivery must be a priority. 3PLs accomplish this goal through inventory management and shipment consolidation. 

By making the most of each truckload, your business saves money and decreases the chances of misplacing important deliveries. One of the best benefits of working with a 3PL is the flexibility to make adjustments in case of any last-minute changes in your shipments. 

Reverse Logistics 

From unsold goods to customer returns, a 3PL moves your product for you and helps you plan and implement strategies to receive your products. This service includes inspections, disposal of faulty or unnecessary products, and repackaging. 

There are environmentally friendly options available for the disposal of goods, such as: 

  • Recycling 
  • Refurbishing 
  • Repacking 
  • Remanufacturing 

Investing in the Beitler Advantage 

Choosing the right 3PL for your retail logistics solutions is a huge decision. Finding a team experienced in working with businesses across different industries can take the stress out of the decision-making process. Beitler Logistics Services firmly believes that your success equals our success, and we want to make that selection as easy as possible. 

When you place your trust in BLS, you experience: 

Competitive Pricing 

With a network of carriers across the nation, Beitler provides a competitive price for every shipment, allowing you to keep your budget predictable and under control.

Flexibility and Operational Support 

Do you experience consistent changes with shipments due to availability or fluctuations of orders? BLS provides support 24/7 for any delivery so your business accomplishes its goals on time. 

Single Point of Contact

Your assigned team member will be there throughout the process to ensure you are more than satisfied with your services. They will learn the ins and outs of your business to provide creative retail logistics solutions to help your business succeed. 

BLS Your Retail Logistics Solutions Provider 

As your business grows, having an experienced team prepared to support your operations by reducing costs and risk is essential. Beitler Logistics Services aims to make your organization’s goals from the start of the partnership.

Contact BLS today to get started with your retail logistics solutions.