Finding ways to reduce the costs associated with shipping operations is essential for growing businesses, and logistics companies can make that goal a reality. Third-party logistics service providers, or 3PLs, fill the gaps by preventing losses through effective services and strategies customized for your business.

It’s common for business owners to have a limited knowledge of what’s entailed in freight logistics. When we hear the question, “What is a logistics company?” we’re always eager to help people understand how, with the right partner, companies can simplify their day-to-day operations while saving money in the process. 

4 Common Logistics Solutions 

Different industries have different needs, goals, requirements, and obstacles when it comes to their shipping and warehousing needs. 3PLs can ease some of the pressures associated with running a business and improve your relationships with vendors and customers. 

Some of the most common logistics services provided by 3PLs include: 

Truckload Services 

If your business deals with shipment complications, having a logistics professional on your side allows for flexibility with every delivery. 3PLs act as an extension of your team and provide access to a massive network of carriers who handle your shipments carefully and ensure they arrive on time every time.

If you need last-minute changes, having 24-hour support allows you to expedite the process with either a domestic air freight or a truck. Logistics companies such as Beitler provide transportation services across the U.S. through all major cities. 

Specialized Warehousing 

As your business grows, one of the largest challenges you may face is a lack of space. A 3PL can help you find extra storage for your products or equipment, whether it’s due to growth, seasonal fluctuations, or other challenges. 

Beitler Logistics Services works with organizations from a variety of industries and provides warehousing services such as:

  • Inventory management 
  • On-demand storage 
  • Palletized storage 
  • Truckload sorting 

Pool Distribution 

Companies of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500s, can benefit from third-party logistics services. Instead of investing in extra trucks or depending on multiple service providers, you can combine shipments by sharing truck space with companies that are delivering to the same regions — which saves your business time and money.

Final-Mile Delivery 

Since the last leg of any delivery is the most costly part of a shipment’s journey, a 3PL can make sure that it’s handled as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. They add flexibility to your logistics and can problem-solve on your behalf if the delivery runs into any hiccups like heavy traffic or inclement weather. 

The Beitler Advantage 

When you partner with BLS, you benefit from a team with more than a century of experience in logistics services. As a family-owned business, the Beitler team recognizes the importance of understanding “what is a logistics company?” and how to make the most of partnering with one. 

Beitler offers a full range of logistics services, including:

  • Development of a standard operating procedure 
  • Maintaining product integrity 
  • Facility enhancements 
  • Certified associates 

What Is a Logistics Company? BLS Is Your Answer

If you want to take your operations to the next level, partnering with a 3PL as a new extension of your team makes the process smoother. As a non-asset service provider, your business has access to countless shipping options with competitive pricing. 

Start your journey with your 3PL solution today and contact BLS.