As a retailer with multiple locations, keeping your stores well-stocked and ready to go is essential to success. And cross dock services offer one way to achieve that task effectively and affordably.

Are you familiar with third-party logistics (3PL) cross docking services? There are several benefits of 3PL cross docking services, including the ability to save you money while ensuring a more efficient transit time. Additionally, they can also provide you with transportation and logistics support. So, when you contract with the right 3PL provider, you’ll receive the services you need while working with a valuable partner.

Are you ready to learn how working with the right 3PL provider can strengthen your business? 

Retailers and 3PL Cross Dock Advantages 

Cross docking allows you to ship freight to a cross-dock warehouse, where it can be unloaded, sorted and reloaded unto the truck without any storage time. This service provides significant benefits to retailers by:

  • Merging shipments from several dealers to one location 
  • Eliminating most of your storage needs
  • Helping you to fill up the trailer so you’re not paying for empty space 

Additionally, a 3PL brings its logistics knowledge and expertise to the table with your partnership. They can consider things you might not have thought about, including:

  • Seeing several steps ahead and addressing potential concerns 
  • Providing you with more flexibility for your deliveries 
  • Ensuring transportation compliance 
  • Consolidating incoming and outgoing shipments

Please note that not all 3PL providers are created equal. You’ll want to find the company that fits your needs and will be someone you can rely on long-term. Make sure to research and interview 3PLs before committing to a partnership. 

Need More Information? 

If you’re trying to determine if cross dock services are right for you, learn more about cross dock benefits and when you should use this service

5 Ways Beitler’s 3PL Cross Docking Services Can Support You

3PL cross dock services help optimize your retail distribution while providing you with a competitive edge. At Beitler Logistics Services (BLS), we offer several types of cross-dock options to assist retailers in meeting their business goals. 

Ensure Transportation Efficiency 

Our team keeps your shipment moving quickly by reducing your lag time and preventing your need for storage.

Result: Reduces your overall transportation cost.

Reorganize Trailer Loads

When a trailer’s load doesn’t match the delivery schedule, our team can unload and reorganize the trailer for you. 

Result: We organize the freight so the driver can continue to make deliveries. 

Consolidating Shipments While Helping with Customer Satisfaction 

Our team can reduce your freight when you have several incoming and outgoing shipments. During that process, we’ll inspect the packages, and if any are damaged, we’ll keep them at our facility. So your customers receive their orders without the hassle of damage.

Result: Customers are happy with their deliveries and continue working efficiently towards their goals. 

Provide a Short-Term Holding Option 

If your freight has a strict dropoff schedule, what happens if the driver arrives early or late for their delivery? Your driver can leave the shipment at our cross-dock facility. And we’ll contact the customer and manage the delivery for you.

Result: The driver can continue to make his deliveries while our team handles the current situation for you.  

Maintain Compliance 

Many retailers have strict rules for accepting deliveries, which can include:

  • Having preferred logistics partners (i.e., specific trucking companies)
  • The freight is leaning or disorganized in the trailer 
  • The product doesn’t meet their segregation standards 

Our cross-dock team will meet the customer’s delivery standards, so there are no shipment deliveries.

Result: We take care of the small details that can often lead to considerable delays, especially if it’s a time-sensitive shipment. 

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We’ve been a family-owned company for over 100 years, and our team brings decades of cross-docking experience to the table. Our team regularly works with the retail industry to provide several types of cross-dock services to fit all kinds of needs. When you choose us as your 3PL provider, our team will provide you with the highest levels of professionalism, honor, and honesty.

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