Logistics opens the door to possibilities and growth for any business. When done correctly, it can streamline your supply chain while lowering transportation and storage costs. And cross-docking logistics is a service that can benefit many businesses. 

Cross dock services from a third-party logistics (3PL) provider:

  • Reduces your warehouse inventory
  • Provides faster turnover rates
  • Decreases overall transportation time to the delivery point

Continue reading to learn more about the game-changing benefits of investing in cross-dock services, the importance of selecting a 3PL, and why Beitler Logistics Services (BLS) is worth considering.

3 Reasons to Invest in Cross-Docking Logistics

Whether you considered cross-docking in the past or it’s a new option, there are several reasons that investing in this service can give you a competitive edge over others. 

Reason #1: Free Up Money from Inventory Management Costs 

When freight arrives at the distribution center, the cross-docking team sorts and processes your packages onto new vehicles (or stores them for a short period). You can consolidate multiple shipments onto one vehicle or break pallets down to place them onto multiple smaller vehicles. 

Reason #2: Reduce Money Spent on Fixed Costs 

Inventory management and warehousing often come with fixed costs you can’t avoid (security, utilities, staff, etc.). Cross docking helps to keep your goods moving so you can reduce or prevent the need to pay for those fixed expenses. 

Reason #3: Pass Savings onto Your Customers 

Since cross-docking can lead to significant cost savings, you can offer additional discounts to your customers. Everyone appreciates saving money, and when you pass those savings on, there’s a possibility it’ll lead to more orders because of your extra effort to help your customers.

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A 3PL Can Make or Break Your Cross Dock Success

To feel confident with your cross-dock services, select a 3PL provider that’s the right fit for your company. Often businesses select the lowest cost provider available, which could lead to untended results. To help to ensure your investment results in a significant ROI, make sure to know what you need and the results you expect from using cross docking. 

Keep the following thoughts in mind when interviewing cross-docking providers. 

Know your current and future freight needs and asks if their team can handle it. 

Determine if you want a hands-on or hands-off approach and ask if they can meet your needs. 

Share your busiest months where you may need to increase services temporarily, and determine if they can accommodate your increased freight for those months.

Ask them to share their experience working with your industry (especially if your freight has special needs). 

Learn if their team can handle last-minute changes. 

BLS is the #1 Choice for Businesses

Don’t just take our word for it! Read what our customers say about BLS and why our team is number one in the logistics industry. 

As we talked about our supply chain challenges on our end, and planned to recognize you as “Carrier of the Year,” there was one constant WIN we heard from each DC and Logistics analyst, Mike Shaver and the Beitler Logistics Team!

I know you already know this, but I just wanted to take a second to tell you how helpful Mike from Beitler has been the past two days. I have talked to him probably a good 20-25 times the past 2 days and Mike and his team have really stepped up and taken on any extra challenges that we have asked them to pursue.

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