When you trust your shipments with a logistics service provider, you want to know they are being careful when handling and transporting your products. Have you ever wondered what happens after you place an order? 

There are many steps between placing an order and receiving a delivery. Most of the process takes place at the point of distribution. 

A point of distribution is the part of the shipping process that helps the logistics company sort and organize each order before it reaches its destination. Most people know that shipping logistics companies transport goods. But there are many more stages that help to ensure each shipment is correct and ready for transportation before it can be shipped.

Let’s explore more about the point of distribution and what happens at this stage of the logistics process.

What Is the Point of Distribution?

The point of distribution is a location that receives, sorts, and reorganizes goods. This location can be a warehouse or cross-docking facility. 

While it might seem simple, there are essential steps that every order must go through before transportation. Let’s break down what happens when a shipment arrives at the point of distribution.

Step 1: Receiving

The goods arrive at the point of distribution from the supplier or manufacturer. Staff checks the products to verify the quality is up to industry standards. If necessary, staff will also check the quantity and purchase invoices so that everything is correct. 

Step 2: Storage

The next step is to organize and store goods before they are ready for distribution. Staff will take stock of inventory and then place products on shelves in the warehouse. That way, when it’s time to fulfill an order, the staff can easily find and load the goods for transportation.

Step 3: Consolidation

For more efficient shipments, smaller orders may be combined into larger ones. This can cut costs and decrease the time it takes staff to redistribute products in the warehouse. 

Step 4: Order Fulfillment

Shipments are sorted and relabeled for transportation. It’s crucial for each order to have the correct information so that it arrives in the right place at the right time.  

Step 5: Transportation

When the order is ready, the shipping company will collect it for transportation to the final destination. 

Step 6: Documentation and Tracking

The shipping logistics company provides the shipping documents, including invoices and paperwork. That way, customers can receive updates and information as they need it. 

A point of distribution is a staple in shipping logistics because it can help businesses streamline their products, reduce inventory costs, and ensure order accuracy. A well-organized facility also makes it easier for businesses to focus on their goods instead of worrying about the handling and distribution of their shipments. 

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