Are you shipping across the United States? Do you anticipate your shipping demands growing? Between the rising cost of fuel and truck driver shortages, keeping your transportation costs affordable requires more work than before.

So, whether you’re moving products from coast to coast or somewhere in between, keeping your freight shipments within budget is necessary for your success. That’s when working with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider can make a difference between surviving or thriving.

The right 3PL can become a partner who is just as committed to your success as you, especially when you have tight deadlines, large shipments, or thousands of miles to travel. Initially, you might think that FTL transport services aren’t the best option, but with the right partner and some strategic planning, you might be surprised to learn that it could save you money.

FTL Transportation: 3PL vs. A Freight Forwarder 

If you’re wondering how full truckload (FTL) transportation is different with a 3PL compared to hiring a freight forwarding company – the answer is very different. With a freight forwarding company, their job is to ensure your shipment is picked up and arrives at its destination, which is why, when looking at cost, FTL shipments might not be the right choice. However, a 3PL provider’s FTL responsibilities include more than delivery. 

What You Can Expect with 3PL FTL Transport Services 

An established and successful 3PL provider will:

  • Compare hundreds of carrier options to find the best cost that meets your needs
  • Categorize all freight accordingly
  • Transport packages and ensures proper handling
  • Distribute everything in good condition and on time 
  • Handle any other requirements that might come up
    • Inventorying
    • Warehousing
    • Supply chain concerns
    • Customer handling relations

Determining If FTL Transport Services is Right for You

Since nearly every palletized shipment uses FTL or LTL, selecting the best one for your business depends on more than just cost. Depending on your needs, FTL transportation could be the only practical option for your business. 

Before you look at the cost and make your decision, consider these other factors.

Current and Future Shipment Sizes

Typically FTL can handle 10+ pallets at a time. Even if your current shipment is less than ten pallets, what do your future shipment sizes look like? A 3PL can provide warehousing and cross-docking services to store freight until it’s ready for delivery. 

Learn more about cross dock warehouses. 

Strict Pickup and Delivery Schedules 

If you operate on strict pickup and delivery windows, FTL transport services provide more flexibility, especially if the delivery location has specific instructions regarding delivery windows and accepted carriers. 

Specialized Freight Needs 

This includes more than refrigerated trucks or liftgates. It also includes:

  • Air-ride equipped vehicles
  • Debris removal
  • Pad-wrapping and strapping
  • Store fixtures installation, relocation, or transfers

Does your freight require specialized services?

Do You Need More Information?

If you’re still determining whether working with a 3PL for FTL transportation is best, learn why you should move full speed ahead with full trucking services.

FTL Transportation, The Beitler Way 

Right now, you have access to Beitler Logistics Services – a company that uses efficient and accurate load consolidation practices, modern route planning technology, and advanced GPS systems. So don’t lose another minute! Contact us to learn how our FTL efficiency can be the difference maker for your business!