Are you looking for a safe and affordable shipping solution for large quantities of products? Pallet shipping may be exactly what you need.

Pallet shipping is the use of pallets to transport goods. This shipping method is ideal for safely and efficiently moving higher volumes of items, such as bulk orders.

Defining Pallet Shipping

Pallet shipping is easy to understand. It’s simply a method of packing shipments onto pallets for transportation. Loads are less likely to move around the truck during transit and are further protected from damage.

While pallet shipping is largely self-explanatory, there are steps to the process that are important for you to know and can ensure the most efficient delivery of your goods. 

Steps to Ship a Pallet

Let’s take a look at the step-by-step process for pallet shipping. 

1 — Packaging

The first step is to package the goods, then place the boxes onto pallets for increased safety, stability, and ease of loading and unloading. 

2 — Palletization

Next, staff secures the shipments onto pallets using straps, shrink wrap, or other means to prevent damage and movement during travel. 

3 — Documentation

Important paperwork, such as invoices or customs declarations, is attached to the pallet or given to the shipping provider. This process helps the staff at both the shipping and receiving locations identify and organize each shipment.

4 — Pick-up

Once the pallets are ready for transportation, the logistics carrier picks them up and loads them onto the truck. The staff uses a forklift or pallet jack to move the items easily. 

5 — Transportation

The pallets have made it onto the truck and are now en route to the final destination. If necessary, the carrier will check on the load to ensure nothing has shifted during travel.

6 — Delivery

Upon arrival, the pallets are handed to the receiver or stored in a warehouse for future distribution. Goods will likely remain on the pallets while in the warehouse so that staff can keep items organized and easily accessible.

Pallets allow carriers to be more careful when handling items, so there are benefits to using pallets for your shipments. 

Advantages of Pallet Shipping

Pallet shipping is a popular way to transport items — and for good reason. Among the many advantages include:

  • Efficient handling
  • Low risk of damage
  • Simplified tracking
  • Easy consolidation
  • Cost-effective

Pallet shipping is helpful for shipping items in bulk. For example, if you would like to transport a bulk order of cosmetic items, pallet shipping is the best option. The items can be packaged and consolidated on a single pallet and shipped to the destination. 

Depending on the load size, you can share space with other shipments and save yourself the cost of a full truckload. Not only is pallet shipping more affordable than many shipping options, but it also helps keep your goods safe during transit.

Pallet Shipping With Beitler Logistics Services

If you are ready to try pallet shipping, Beitler Logistics Services is here to help you make it happen. The BLS team has decades of experience helping customers meet their transportation and logistics needs. 

When you work with BLS, you can expect our team to:

  • Exceed expectations
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  • Provide solutions

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