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  Established and Experienced Logistics Services in Washington, D.C.!

Located in the middle of the east coast and surrounded by the Capital Beltway, Washington, D.C. is a transportation hub. You want to ensure you’re using the right resources so you can take advantage of this location! Finding a third-party logistics (3PL) provider that is fully equipped to serve your company in a fast-paced city like Washington, D.C. is essential to your logistics’ success.

At Beitler Logistics Services (BLS), we offer cross docking, final mile delivery, truckload transportation, and warehousing services coming in and leaving the nation’s capital. Additionally, we are an established 3PL company with ample experience on the east coast and throughout all 50 states!


BLS Logistics Solutions for Your Needs

When we begin any professional relationship, we always start with trust. We want you to feel confident that when you put your logistics needs in our hands, we will accomplish them most professionally and efficiently. Our team starts by building relationships with our customers in Washington, D.C., making your business goals our own.

Services we offer in Washington, D.C.:

  • Cross dock
  • Final mile
  • LTL and truckload
  • Warehousing

We’re proud to serve companies within Washington, D.C., and on the Potomac River surrounding Maryland and Virginia!


  Warehousing Services in Washington, D.C.

You’ll have access to our extensive warehousing space throughout the U.S. when you partner with us. We will save you time and money, expand your market, and optimize your logistics.

Available Services

Our Washington, D.C. warehousing services include:

  • On-demand storage
  • Short term storage
  • Palletized storage
  • Sort and seg

LTL and Truckload Services in Washington, D.C.

Our LTL and truckload services save you money and protect your freight during transportation. We have vast experience in freight shipping within many industries, including retail, high value, medical, automotive, and others.

    Available Services

    Whether you’re shipping to or from Washington, D.C., our truckload services included:

    • Over-the-road shipments
    • Direct trucking
    • Expedited options
    • Same day delivery

      Our LTL service options include:

      • Liftgates
      • Pallet jacks
      • Palletized items
      • Local, regional, and national deliveries

      Final Mile Transportation Services in Washington, D.C.

      24/7. We’re always available. When a last-minute change occurs, we’ll take care of it immediately with precision and accuracy, thanks to our open communication promise. Effective communication is what makes us stand out, making us the right choice for you. We’re always a phone call away.

      Available Services

      Washington, D.C. final mile delivery services include:

      • Retail store deliveries and setups
      • Fixture deliveries and setups
      • White glove deliveries
      • High-value product deliveries

      Cross Dock Services Available in Washington, D.C.

      Our cross docking services prioritize four things: inventory efficiency, maintaining a competitive edge, reducing transportation costs, and consolidation. Our team is constantly striving to help our customers save time, space, and money.

      Available Services

      Our Washington, D.C. cross-dock services include:

      • Direct-to-consumer fulfillment
      • Specialized warehouse services
      • Trailer load reworking

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        What We Can Do For You

      With decades of experience as a superior logistics company, we offer these logistics services:

      Pool Distribution

      Take advantage of the cost-saving opportunities pool distribution offers.We will assist you in finding the best rate from our vast network of carriers.


      Receive the best rate and truck that fit your shipment requirements. The BLS team maximizes our truckload services and freight capacity for your needs.

      Specialized Delivery

      Move your specialized freight/equipment safely, efficiently, and ensure on-time delivery with us. We have years of experience and access to specialized equipment.


      Secure the best LTL rates for your shipment requirements from the BLS experts. They have the knowledge to find the best rates across our network of carriers.


      Expand your logistics operations by letting us take care of all your warehousing details. Your shipments will have access to our 270,000+ square feet of warehouses.

      Cross Dock

      Reduce delivery times, increase product quality, and save money with cross dock. We will direct and oversee your tracking, compliance, and final shipment delivery.

      Reverse Logistics

      Streamline your reverse logistic needs with BLS. You will have complete shipment visibility throughout the returns process.

      Final Mile Delivery

      Have confidence knowing your shipment will arrive on-time and accurately with the BLS flexible, final mile delivery transportation services. 

        We Deliver on Promises

      Integrity is a fundamental value within the BLS company. We strive to help you achieve all your transportation and logistics goals. When you’re part of the BLS community, your success is our success.

      Experienced team

      The BLS team members are dedicated and committed to their customer's goals. Each team member is certified and knowledgeable in their area of expertise.

      Environmental Sustainability

      Know you're lowering your carbon footprint by shipping with BLS. Our focus on logistics sustainability reduces emissions, waste products and consumer energy.


      We network with several industry associations. We are confident the BLS team is educated and up to date on industry trends to best serve our customers.

      Our history

      BLS has decades of industry experience and knowledge through our team members and affiliated companies. We have a reputation for stepping up and helping our customers.

      Nationwide Service

      We have built a partnership and trust with our extensive network of partners. We're proud to provide transportation to virtually any market in the United States or Canada.